An Interview with… YOU!

First of all, thank you for accepting this interview!

I know my readers will connect with you, your motivations and your message. They’re a friendly bunch who love authenticity, so I encourage you to simply be yourself throughout this interview. You, as you are, are enough.

What you need to do:

Answer the questions as honestly and fully as you can. I’ll only be editing for spelling and grammar, the content is up to you.

When prompted, please include any links, social media details, promos, anything that will encourage readers to follow you.

After you’ve completed the form:

Email me at with a high quality profile picture and another picture of your choice. I will use these both in the interview and in the promotion of it.

After I’ve received your answers:

I’ll edit and schedule the interview to be posted within 14 days. I’ll email you with details of when it will be published, along with the direct link so that you can share it with your networks.

I’ll share it through my newsletter and on my social media accounts.

Any questions?

Please email me at and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

The Interview