Project YOU

13582256_10154217841187348_849511098_oI’m a big fan of positive thinking and positive action. I spent a lot of time in my early twenties not loving myself, with little self-worth and a constant desire to seek approval from others.

Almost three years ago, I decided to take steps forward in order to learn to love the woman looking back at me in the mirror. It took time but a small part of me believed I was worth the effort, and that tiny belief has paid off in a big way.

I read positive quotes, articles and interacted with people who adopted a positive outlook on life. It made a huge difference and has no doubt contributed to where I am today. I feel it my duty to share what I have learned and encourage others to do the same, and this is why I started Project YOU.

Project YOU is a blog which serves to encourage people to love themselves. In order to reach your full potential and lead a happy and authentic life, I believe we have to focus first on how we feel about ourselves. How can we pour love into anything else when we ourselves are running on empty?

Project YOU is also a collaborative blog, providing a platform for new writers to reach a new audience and promote positivity through blog posts and social media updates.

Project YOU is on Facebook, Instagram and WordPress. Check it out.


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