The Climber

Disclaimer: I’m no relationship expert but I do speak with authority on my own experiences. But let’s talk about The Climber. This may be a new concept for some of you, so get comfy with a cup of tea and prepare yourself for the ride. You should know that I took inspiration from Scandal (Series…

Switch off and chill

Hey you, Has this year been kind to YOU? I know I’m not alone when I say that there have been challenges faced and challenges, sometimes the days have been dark and long, and very little ligh… Source: Switch off and chill by Annika Spalding.

Laptops & Lipstick – A great event!

This week I was invited to speak at Kickass Talks: Laptops & Lipstick for International Women’s Day. I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to expect but I knew that anything my friend Paula Hemmings is involved with will be oozing with great energy. I was the first speaker, which is awesome because I get…

Love & Relationships

I’ll be honest with YOU here, I am not great at family relationships. I think we can all agree that families can be complex, the dynamics are something else and it can be pretty difficult to … Source: Love & Relationships

Book research: Get involved!

With Shattered Dreams re-edited and re-listed over at Amazon, it is officially time for me to work on the sequel. The great thing about Shattered Dreams is that it was relatable for women who had been in, or were still in, an abusive relationship. I am a child survivor of domestic violence, who grew up…