Why I Started Blogging

I know there are people who blog with the intent to be successful, but I didn’t really have a plan.

Why I started blogging

I wrote long statuses on Facebook and decided I needed another avenue to get my words out into the world. I was told often enough that my writing was inspirational, so I wanted to see what I could do with it.

I see blogs now with a clear message, brand new blogs set up with a strategy and never-ending posts published for an already-waiting audience.

But when I started, I really just wanted a place to write. I’d been writing for an online magazine that removed my posts when I left, so I knew I needed my own platform. At that point, I’d written and published four books and didn’t really know what I was doing. My life goal was to write a book, there was little thought given to what would happen next.

My early blog posts were similar to short journal entries, no clear structure or theme. I went back and deleted them a while ago because they just didn’t seem to fit in with the general vibe of my blog now. When I wrote them, I didn’t know what this blog would become. I didn’t know who I’d become, what kind of things I’d like to write about or focus on.

In the beginning, I’d found my voice, I was beginning to trust my writing, and I needed a place to share it.

What blogging has taught me

  1. Consistency is everything. I think with anything, the more we practice the better we become at it. I know I get the most readers when
  2. It’s okay to experiment. All the advice out there encourages you to find a niche and stick to it, but I’ve been trying that for some time and I need a break. I think we limit our creativity when we put ourselves in a box. This doesn’t mean blog about make-up one day and pizza the next, it just means being open to exploring new topics. 
  3.  Comparison is only an issue if you make it one. It’s so easy to find other blogs that appear better than yours. And this might be enough to stop you from trying or continuing, enough to convince you that you aren’t properly qualified to be a blogger. I say, look at over blogs for inspiration, not comparison. See what works for them, what catches your eye, what is creative and memorable, and use that to create that experience for your own readers. Don’t copy, just put your own spin, your own interpretation on the things you create and that will always make you stand out.
  4. No promo = no readers. Back in the day, there were fewer blogs than there are now, smaller circles and doing anything like this seemed big and official. But now it’s 2018 and everyone is pretty confident enough to try, and this means you have to work a little bit harder to be seen. So, writing blog posts and waiting to be found will not really work for you. You have to be out in the online world, plugging and promoting it, blessing the people with your wise words.
  5. A little planning can go a long way. Why do you sit at your laptop with a blank screen and pressure yourself to come up with a blog-worthy idea? I used to do this and it really didn’t help with writing anything. Now, I spend time writing down possible blog ideas for me to pick up another day. This gives me a starting point, a guide to follow, a topic to stick to, and it makes writing a blog post a more enjoyable process.

What my blogging future looks like

I’ve said before that I’ve been in a weird space. I’ve changed and I’m still changing. I don’t want to keep writing about writing anymore, I want to write about everything else. I’ve been feeling a little bit trapped my niche and, while taking a huge backseat after finishing uni, I’ve been thinking about where I can go from here.

I’ve thought about stopping blogging altogether, taking a year-long hiatus and also about starting over. I know I’ve been feeling a bit burnt out since finishing my studies, so it’s a break that would probably help me most right now.

At the same time, I’ve been feeling compelled to write my truth, to share my experiences and be vulnerable in my writing, particularly the writing I publish on here. I feel a change, a shift, a creative breakthrough that I want to embrace, though it scares me at the same time. 

I’ve got over twenty blog topics written down, ready for me to turn them into WordPress drafts and transform them into publish-worthy blog posts. I opted for topics that didn’t feel forced or uninteresting. I opted for topics I will enjoy writing about, that you will enjoy reading about. And also, I opted for topics that would guarantee creativity while I figure out what to do next.

What has blogging taught you?

Tell me all about it in the comments below!

With love, 



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3 Comments Add yours

  1. Blogging has taught me consistency, self-imposed deadlines/obligations, and that maybe I want to start doing them sooner than the night before…


  2. Blogging has taught me that consistency and engaging with my followers is everything. I have a tendency to post and go. But I’m Really trying to learn to promote myself more!

    Looking forward to reading some of that new content you’ve got ! 😊


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