An Interview With Marie McCarthy

I’m celebrating the rise of writers through a series of fabulous interviews. No longer will we write in isolation when we have the power of the internet to bring awareness to who we are, what we do and why we do it.  Let’s get acquainted…


Marie McCarthy

What do you do:

I’m an author and psychotherapist specializing in trauma recovery.

Why do you do it?

I’m a childhood trauma survivor who has been working on my own recovery for 25 years. I’ve made it to other side and live in peace and with hope, as opposed to the torment I lived with for 45 years. My book, Witness Awakening: Finding Peace and Healing in the Midst of Childhood Trauma, is my recovery memoir. I wrote it because I know what I needed at my most difficult times and I wanted to offer other survivors and those who help survivors a deep look into the inner experience of someone who has been traumatically wounded and their healing process.

My intention is to inspire other survivors to keep working on their healing – not to give up on themselves. I became a psychotherapist to help the wounded like myself. I’m passionate about my work because I know healing is possible and can hold hope for another until they are ready to hold it themselves.

What has been your biggest breakthrough?

My biggest breakthrough came as I emerged from a two-year crisis phase of remembering my childhood traumas for the first time since their occurrences with drop to the floor flashbacks from the ages of 43 to 45. I cracked open in soul crushing pain and had a spiritual awakening that provided the support I needed to endure the unendurable. Through this process, I learned my own truth and released enormous rage, shame and grief. Then I moved into learning how to love myself and about the power of forgiveness and how it set me free from a prison I had held my self in by holding onto my rage and shame.

What has been your biggest challenge?

My biggest challenge has been learning how to believe in myself and get out of my own way. By focusing inward instead of allowing my anxiety to keep me on the gerbil wheel of outer distracted busyness, I’m getting better at standing in my personal power and not allowing fear to hold me back. I guess fear is my biggest challenge. Many old mis-beliefs had to be uncovered, faced and challenged, such as, I’m not worthy or valuable, I’m not enough, I’m weak, I feel small and unable to shine my inner light. After practicing how to work with myself, I know the truth and I feel free to be me, and to acknowledge my strengths and challenges with a loving presence.

What is your favourite book and why?

I love Tara Brach’s book titled ‘Radical Acceptance: Embracing Your Life With a Heart of a Buddha’. What a concept she presents to radically accept yourself just the way your are by understanding how shame or feeling deficient was formed when you were a child and its affects on you now. How empowering it is to embrace oneself with compassion and an understanding that all behaviors are purposeful. There are reasons why we all struggle and when we take the time to work with ourselves kindly, we open to the possibility that we all can heal our wounds.

What are your three tips for aspiring writers?

My three tips for writers are to be fearless and write your raw truth from your heart – from your authentic self. Also, to remind yourself that it’s okay to ask for help and consider hiring a supportive self publishing company like Archangel Ink that can be a huge help.

Lastly, I would recommend you take your time and write when you feel an inner push to write instead of steam-rolling yourself and pushing too hard. We all have an inner rhythm that will flow and then your writing can flow too.

Where can readers connect with you?

I would love to hear from you! You can find me on my website, Twitter and Facebook, and email me at


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