Have you been telling yourself lies?

Stop lying to yourself!

Stop telling yourself you can’t be happy.
Stop telling yourself you don’t deserve it.
Stop telling yourself you aren’t worth effort.
Stop telling yourself you aren’t worthy of love.
 Start telling yourself you deserve the happiness you desire.
Start telling yourself you are worth the effort it takes to get to know and love you for who you are.
 Who you are is enough, tell yourself that.
Who you are is powerful enough to reach the goals you dream in silence.
Who you are is worthy of respect, from your peers, yes, but also from yourself.
Who you are is someone worth talking about, someone worth researching into and aspiring to be.
 You are more than the negative thoughts that cloud your mind.
You are more than the insecurities that beg you not to change.
You are more than the fear that stops you from trying something new.
You are more than the negative names and feelings you hold against yourself.
 You are an idol.
You are an example.
You are love in action.
You are passion on fire.
You are innovation on display.
You are a unique piece of art.
You are a favourite line in a book.
You are an unforgettable melody.
You are an achievable dream.
You are a box full of memories.
You are the catalyst for a smile.
You are the warmth of a heart.
You are the star in the sky.
You are the goal.
Tell yourself that instead.
Lots of love x



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