How to fit reading into your busy day

Love reading but hate that you don’t have time for it?

I love books but I don’t have all the time in the world to read as much as I’d like. 

While managing social media accounts, writing, coaching, studying, facilitating, planning, promoting and mothering, I’m tired just thinking about all of what I have to do.

But books are important because I love to feed my brain new ideas and new knowledge. I do make time to read and I’d like to share with you how I make that happen.

Read on the train

I know I’m not alone in listening to music when on the train, but why not take your current read and indulge until it’s time to get off? I tend to block out the noise of other passengers (not sorry) by listening to an instrumental playlist on Spotify (currently Ambient Chill) and aim to finish a whole chapter by the time I reach my destination. I usually read a little bit more than that.

Read in bed (nothing too heavy)  

I’ve tried reading academic books in bed but it didn’t work. By the time I climbed underneath my covers and settled against my pillows, I was way too relaxed to concentrate on anything intense. But fiction? Yeah, fiction works. Whether you’re reading chick lit, high fantasy or crime, give yourself half an hour to read before you close your eyes. Make it part of your winding down routine, put your phone on silent and on the other side of the room, and switch off from reality and into imagination.

Read in the morning

Similar to reading before you go to sleep, keep your current book at the side of your bed. Wake up even just fifteen minutes earlier than usual and read a few pages. I’m a fast reader, it is likely I could get through a minimum of ten pages in fifteen minutes. Give yourself a personal goal. I’ve read non-fiction books first thing and it is the perfect way to position your mind for the day. Pick a personal development book, something by Wayne Dyer or Brené Brown, and try it. Let me know how it has set you up for your day.

During your lunch break

Scrolling through your phone while on your lunch break? It’s a perfect time to read, even for just ten minutes. Whether you take a book to work with you, or download the Kindle app to your phone, make the most of this time. I would usually recommend you write, but this is a post about reading. With a 30 minute lunch break, you could do both. And eat. The beauty of multitasking.

While you drive (audible)

I discovered the beauty of audio books a few years ago. Amazing, amazing concept and even better in reality. I’ve got through many books this way. This is perfect for those who simply do not have the time to sit down with a book. I used to drive to university and it was a 45 minute journey. I’d listen to music, and that was fine, but it wasn’t really contributing to my overall goal of being and feeling fabulous. I switched to listening to personal development books  via Audible and found it a great way to absorb the powerful messages. When you’re driving, you have to concentrate on the road. Your only other form of entertainment is what you listen to, so why not make it a book you’ve been waiting to read? I personally recommend The Universe Has Your Back by Gabrielle Bernstein –  a great book to listen to.

Now that you’ve made time for it, what are you reading at the moment? Tell me all about it in the comments below.

Lots of love x



Have you subscribed to my podcast yet?

I’d like to bring your attention to Episode 15 – How to calm an overactive mind.

I have a confession: I’m an over-thinker. I worry about everything. I even worry about how much I worry. The noise in my mind has been known to keep me awake, has caused me to seek reassurance and doubt my own wisdom.

Does this sound like you too?

In this episode I share tips on how I manage my over-thinking and anxiety. My theory is that if it works for me, perhaps something here will work for you too.

Listen here.


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  1. Chelle says:

    I’m one of those people that enjoys reading , but don’t have the time. These are great tips to read a book instead of using my phone. Especially during breaks between my classes.


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