Are you being honest with yourself right now?

Self belief starts with a small, silent decision to never give up on yourself.

Sometimes you have to stop and ask yourself “What am I doing? Who am I doing this with? How is any of this serving me?”

I feel like I’m in that space right now. I’ve been here for a while, building up to an unpleasant peak in which I was forced to really examine what I was fighting for and question my loyalty to my vision. I had to consider the possibility that the vision wasn’t my own, it was one crafted by observing my peers, being sucked in my social media news feeds and looking for advice in those who haven’t yet found their purpose. In all this excitement in developing projects, saying “yes” to new adventures and ignoring my own intuition, I’d forgotten sight of myself. I’d forgotten the value in my own opinion, my own internal guidance and my personal vision. I’d forgotten my own dreams and goals, and my ability to reach and smash every single one of them. 

It happens to us all. Right? I hope so. Even if just one of you reading this can relate, that right there shows there’s purpose in sharing this.

I’ve been at this point before, it is not entirely unfamiliar to me. I feel the Universe has this magical way of reminding me that I have a purpose and it is far too great to dismiss or disregard. The Universe knows I’m on the right path, that I sometimes get distracted by shiny things but I’m easily inspired enough to find my way back. 

I’ve been asking the Universe, myself and my journal, what is the lesson here? What is this teaching me?

I don’t know if I can explain to you this feeling that I have, this sense of knowing that I am here for more. I don’t know what the more is specifically, just that it equals to greatness and is far more fabulous than anything mundane, average or ordinary. It has always been there. It has surfed the violent waves of life with me. It has sat with me in times when I felt closed in. It has surged towards the sunlight with me in my moments of freedom and wonder. It’s been in the back of my mind, on the tip of my tongue and peering over my shoulder as I move through life. This faith that I am SOMEBODY special, of importance, of greatness and I’m here to do great things. It sounds arrogant, doesn’t it? Yet, it exists, this absolute faith in my purpose and loyalty to a pulling that I can’t even see. 

I can’t ignore it much longer. 

I can’t make myself smaller.

I can’t wrap myself in fear.

I can’t seek permission or approval from others.

I can’t wait for the right time.

Now is the time.

I give myself permission.

I approve of myself.

I say YES to myself.

I say YES to my vision.

I say YES to taking action.

I say YES to holding MYSELF accountable.

I say YES to holding MYSELF responsible for my happiness and my success.

In order to be happy and be successful, you must have a relationship with yourself that is built on love, faith, trust and respect.

I’d like to say I’ve always known this, but instead I’ll say that I’ve come to accept this. I’ve come to realise how much faith I do have in myself and I’m inspired by it. I’m not overwhelmed or intimidated by my personal power or potential, instead it makes me question what I’m doing with it. How am I using this faith? What am I doing with this self-love? How am I showing my dreams respect?

How do you own your truth?

By giving yourself permission to be authentic.

What does this look like in action?

Giving yourself what you need. Standing up for yourself. Speaking your truth from a place of love, instead from a place of fear. Taking inspired action. Having a rest and using that time to evaluate your position in life, your goals and creating a plan to achieve them. Believing in yourself.

How can you get clear about this?

I’d like you to  write about it. Open up your laptop, get out your tablet, or reach for your favourite notebook and pen, and use the following headings to write about yourself:
  • Who you were – What was your vision? What moved you forward? What did this teach you?
  • Who you are now – What is your vision now? What is holding you back? What is pushing you forward?
  • Who you will be – What vision does this person have? What qualities did they need to attain it? How can you become this person?

I hope this inspires you to reconnect with your goals, your dreams and yourself. Most importantly yourself.

Lots of love x



One Comment Add yours

  1. Natalie says:

    I can relate to the idea of believing there’s something better out there for you! It can almost be haunting sometimes.

    Keep on going girl, you’re on the right track !


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