Make your book launch EPIC in 6 steps

If you’re an author ready to press publish and launch your book, I am so glad that you stopped here first.

I’m Annika Spalding, an award-winning author of six books, and last year I held a SOLD OUT book launch. It was so unbelievably epic that I’ve decided to share the success secrets with you.

I’m a firm believer in sharing the knowledge and wisdom I’ve acquired over the years, so please pause here for pen and paper because you’ll want to make some notes.

In August 2017, I held a book launch for my sixth book What’s Your Story? The tickets sold out rapidly and the evening was beyond fantastic. I had a larger audience than normal for one of my events and I was unfamiliar with over half the guests.

I would like to say I wish I filmed the book launch so I could capture the the atmosphere, but you really had to be there. Everybody left with a little bit of magic and eager to start reading my book.

So, here it is: How I held a sold-out book launch with no line-up, no gimmicks and no raffle.

Venue – Pick an amazing venue. Steer clear of your bog standard library and coffee shop, as much as I love them, because they are not exciting. Pick a venue that is unusual or that stands out. Think about how you want your evening to unfold, consider if you’ll need tables and chairs, access to refreshments, free parking etc.

VIP Bags – I charged £10 per ticket and this guaranteed a copy of my book (which is £9.99 on Amazon). This meant that each guest would receive the book at the launch, it would be signed and they’d have the benefit of a wonderful introduction to it.

Media – If you’re having a book launch, it makes sense to have a little media attention around it. In the week approaching my book launch, I was interviewed on BBC WM radio and Newstyle radio (a big thank you to Merisha Stevenson for making that happen). I had also contacted the founder of a blogging group and sent out a promo request. This exposure certainly helped with sales and attracting the attention of people who hadn’t discovered me yet.

Book Launch Review – While I know that guests will give me feedback on the night and through social media, I was looking for something a little more official. I put some feelers out and was contacted by

Image owned by Tracy Reid

blogger Amara. In exchange for free entry and a copy of the book, she wrote me the most beautiful review and put it on her blog. She interviewed my guests and myself, took photos and fully participated in her role as official reviewer. What I loved about her, other than her genuine energy and enthusiasm on the night, is her exceptional level of writing. She did an amazing job and I am so glad I chose her. You can read the review here.

Book review – After putting out a request, I was contacted by Tracy Reid, from The Feminine Code, who offered to interview me pre-book launch and write a review of my book. This was an exceptional offer, simply because she is also an author herself and her target audience is similar to my own. Tracy did a wonderful job and it was lovely just to speak to her. It’s always good to make these connections! You can read the pre-book launch interview here and read the review of my book here.

Photo by

YOU – Imagine, I sold out my book launch with no line-up. There were no other authors booked to speak like at my other events. I didn’t have any singers or performances, like I did at my first book launch years ago. There were no tables of local businesses selling goods or anybody running around doing a raffle in exchange for a mystery prize, none of that at all. All I had to offer was an evening with myself, my expertise and a copy of my book. And people showed up. I was enough, more than enough and that was empowering.

It’s worth pointing out that What’s Your Story? is a book about expressive writing and my book launch included some of the writing prompts I have in the book. I didn’t want to just tell people about my book, I wanted them to experience it. After a few years of being an author, delivering writing workshops and holding events for aspiring authors, people come to expect excellence from me and I am confident that is what I served at my book launch

Now it is time for you to do the same.

(Please come back here and tell me all about it when you do!)



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  1. Amazing and helpful content as usual! Thanks for mentioning me and sharing your words with us xx


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