5 Reflective Writing Prompts

Have you been staring at the blank pages of your journal or Word document, waiting for inspiration to ooze through your finger tips? 

Well, your wait is finally over because I’ve written a five prompts to inspire your writing.

I recommend spending as little as 10 minutes on each prompt. Spend longer if you feel like you have more to write. The point isn’t to spend hours on the prompt, or to reach a particular word count, the idea is that you write something. Why? Writing something is always better than writing nothing.

When we write, we don’t always write a fantastic piece the first time round. It can take hours of rewrites and editing to produce a piece of writing that we are happy with. I’d like you to get to that stage but first it helps to have something to work with.

Set a timer, give yourself a minimum of ten minutes per prompt and write until you’re ready to stop.

1. If happiness was a recipe, what would the ingredients be?

2. Describe your life as a person – think about traits, characteristics and habits.

3. Write a letter to the friend who walked away.

4. Write about the hope that kept you afloat when you felt like drowning in despair.

5. You’re the hero of your own story; what did you conquer? How did you do it?

Finished? Good.

At this point, I’m hoping you’re feeling pleased with what you’ve written. Writing to prompts can be tricky, not everybody is open to new ideas or able to write to a topic. I used to be like that but with perseverance and an understanding of myself, I have learned to write to prompts.

I pretty much accept that in the first instance I will hate what I’ve written. After a few days this will be replaced by a desire to edit and then conclude with me being proud of it. It’s funny how it all works out, right? But imagine if I gave it up at the first draft. I wouldn’t have six books published, two books partially written, a blog or any journals. I wouldn’t have any of it. The key is to stay focused and never give up.

I hope you’ve found this helpful. I’d love to know how you get on so please keep me updated on your writing journey and post below, or join my group.

Lots of love,



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