Book Review: What’s Your Story?

Imagine reading a book that encouraged you to release your inhibitions and write…

My book What’s Your Story? does exactly that.

I’m thrilled that author Tracy Reid has read and written a review of my book, and it is available over at her website.

But here’s a snippet:

“I have been really enjoying my writing this year, whether that is blogging or actually writing a book. I joined a writing group with 15 authors to write an anthology called the ‘Blind Spot’ at the beginning of January 2017 to write, publish and launch our book by the end of this year.

I really wish I had this book back then as it would have made my book writing a lot easier. Annika has done a great job with the exercises in the book to tease out content from the reader, that can be the start of a new blog, revive and existing one, write a book or even get writing in your personal journey to develop a consistent writing habit.”

Read the full post here.

(Cover image in this post is owned by Tracy Reid at

 My brand new podcasts invites you to embrace the wisdom of your past to create a better future.

I want you to stand in your truth, express yourself with confidence and activate your greatness. So, tell me, what’s your story?

Listen here.


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