NaNoWriMo: Tip Five

This week I’ll be helping you prepare for the annual #NaNoWriMo which also starts this week. I’ve written 6 tips specifically for this, which will be posted over the next 6 days.

You’re feeling a little more clearer about the direction of your book now, but there’s a little bit more to do.

Now you understand what your story is going to be, you can guide your writing through planning your chapters.

Simply break down your story through a series of bullet points, no intense detail required, just cover the basic information you’d like in each chapter.

This may take longer than you’d like it to, but stick with it.

Once you have planned your chapters, you have saved yourself from having to draw from your imagination every time you write. This outline will become your guide throughout NaNoWriMo, to ensure you stay on track.

However, should creativity take you in another direction, that’s fine. Use the plan to steer you back.

Have you lived a life that would make a good book?

Are you eager to start writing about your experiences, but don’t know where to start?

This book will help alleviate your anxieties about writing and introduce you into gentle writing practices.

This book will encourage you to assess your past, identify the significant points and direct you to begin documenting your journey.

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