NaNoWriMo: Tip Four

This week I’ll be helping you prepare for the annual#NaNoWriMo which also starts this week. I’ve written 6 tips specifically for this, which will be posted over the next 6 days.

You’re doing so well! Planning feels intense, right? (Imagine how my clients feel, they have to do more of it!)

You’ve got your idea, your characters and an idea on how they respond in certain situations, so what is your story about now? Has it changed from your original idea?

Task yourself with writing a short paragraph about your story. Think of it as a summary of what you intend it to be. Keep in mind the bit of planning you’ve done so far.

Have you lived a life that would make a good book?

Are you eager to start writing about your experiences, but don’t know where to start?

This book will help alleviate your anxieties about writing and introduce you into gentle writing practices.

This book will encourage you to assess your past, identify the significant points and direct you to begin documenting your journey.

Available now on Amazon:


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