Do you underestimate yourself?

Have you ever set a goal, reach that goal and then realised you weren’t dreaming big enough? 

That was me when I wrote my first book. It was something I always wanted to do, but I didn’t know I’d actually do it. I massively underestimated myself, I didn’t know then what I was capable of.

I had goals and dreams that were laced with self-doubt and self-imposed barriers, wrapped up with a mindset that whispered “can’t” when I thought about them.

But I was curious to see what would happened if I tried, if I gave it a go, if I took action, made a change and moved forward on a path I was unfamiliar with. I knew it made no sense to convince others of what I needed to do, I just had to believe in myself.

And with time, over time, step by step, book by book, I’ve become a woman who still carries fear but is wrapped with confidence and self-belief. I have become a woman who dreams big, outlines the steps she needs to take and embarks on the journey without hesitation. I have become a woman who pushes herself beyond her expectations, recognising that there is greatness within and it has a purpose. I have become a woman who values her words, written and verbal, because she knows she has wisdom to share.

But more importantly, I have become a woman who knows her power, who recognises her purpose and who is committed to believing in her capabilities.

All it took was a little bit of trust in the woman I was destined to become because she was always leading the way.

Do you feel like it’s time to tell your story? Are you ready to dig deep and acknowledge your journey so far? Does writing about it seem scary?

My latest book will help you! Perfect for new writers or those who just need a creative boost, What’s Your Story? will take you on a creative journey of self-development. Break through barriers and get to the core of your story with this five module writing course in a book. Available on Amazon now.


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  1. sruthimadhu says:

    But I get scared to set bigger goals! If I don’t achieve it, I’d feel useless. :/


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