How To Win Clients And Influence Markets with Writing

Writing can make or break your business.

Imagine you have created a great product, service or project, but nobody knows how amazing it is? This is why you need writing. And not any kind of writing, good writing.

If you’ve written a book, developed an online course or are holding an event, using social media to promote it is a natural first step. In an era of digital devices and social media platforms, it is now easier than ever to share these achievements with the world.

But how you choose to present that product, event or service, is vital to its success. A badly written post or one lacking all the information, can fail to attract the audience it was written for.

So with this in mind, here’s a few things that you need to show in your posts:


I said this in my post on building a personal brand, but I’ll say it here again: people buy from people. Sure, formal writing will get your point across and be well written, but a post oozing with personality will attract people’s interest. It will have them smiling in the right places, agreeing with what you’ve said and searching for more from you.

Concise and clear information

I’ve seen many posts on Facebook recently that are way too long for my liking and fail to get to the point until the very bottom. I switch off halfway through. If I’m scrolling with my phone, I’m looking for a quick fix. I love reading lengthy blog posts but on social media I prefer something short and snappy. If you want 

to grab your potential customer’s attention, you need to grab them within the first few lines. I’d start with a provocative headline, a few lines that identify the needs, a sentence on how you can help them with those needs and information on how they can access that help (a call to action, basically).

Correct spelling and grammar

I know nobody is perfect and even writers like myself make the occasional typo. However. I will URGE you to re-read everything you post. Read it out loud and correct any spelling mistakes or grammatical errors instantly. I say this because a post that is lacking in this area is hard to read and makes your brand/business difficult to take seriously because you clearly don’t care about how you present yourself. As a potential customer, that’s exactly what I’d be thinking and I wouldn’t be swayed by how fantastic your products are. If you struggle with spelling and grammar, pay someone else to do it or use Grammarly.


Imagine, you’ve completed all this work on your business, planned your posts in advance and perfected how you represent your product through writing, but only to share it on your Facebook profile once. What a waste! Don’t be shy!  Let people experience your personality through your online interaction, through your writing! There are millions of Facebook groups that you can join, Twitter networking hours you can get involved in and Instagram communities just waiting for a product like yours. If you don’t use this opportunity to talk to your potential customers about the amazing work you are doing, if you don’t share you blog links or the link to your book, they won’t know about it.

You didn’t work this hard to keep it to yourself. Share it with the world. Utilise social media. Write well. And draw your audience in.

I believe in you.

 Does writing feel like a daunting venture?

I’ve written a book to get you started! Perfect for new writers or those who just need a creative boost, What’s Your Story? will take you on a creative journey of self-development. Break through barriers and get to the core of your story with this five module writing course in a book. Available on Amazon now.


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  1. woeful2016 says:

    I wouldn’t say that my current aspiration is to be a brand or have a business (what would I sell) but I definitely find the self promotion aspect of having a blog quite awkward. I like getting feedback from people so I have to do it because how would people find me? And I hope my personality comes through!


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