This is how you write a book, basically.

If writing a book seems like a steep mountain to climb, I can most definitely help you out.

After writing six books, countless articles, reviews and blog posts, I am often asked how to write a book. This is one of the primary reasons I decided to offer my services as a Writing Coach, working 1:1 with people to help them reach their literary goal. The initial planning, research and writing is part of the process that I love almost as much as editing, so it is amazing that I get to work closely with people embarking on their writing journey.

But for those who aren’t working with me yet, here’s a few things you need to do when writing a book.

Plan, plan, plan. It’s great having an idea for a book, but I recommend getting it own onto paper so you can see how it works. I wrote the first half of my first book without a plan, but decided it would be beneficial to know where I was going in the story. The plan doesn’t have to be strict but it does help to keep you on task and make sure your book flows in the way you want it to.

Research. I am all for writing about the things we know a lot about, but don’t be afraid to venture into a new topic. If you are reading this, you have the world-wide web at your fingertips and this is an important tool for research. So, if your main character is a psychiatrist with a drug habit, the internet is a great place to search all the potential complexities of that.

Develop a writing routine. Writing a book involves actual writing, did you know that? And it means actually making time for it. I understand we all lead busy lifestyles, but if I can write a book, study for a degree, raise two children, run a house and build a business, then you can definitely make time to write. My 5-Day Writing Challenge happens at the beginning of every month in my online group and will show you that you can make time to write.

Write! This is obvious, right? It doesn’t matter how well you plan your book, conduct your research or schedule in creative time, your book won’t materialise unless you write it. If you’ve taken the previous three steps, you should arrive at your word document prepared and ready to go.

Edit at the end. Please, don’t be somebody who edits as they write. I think it is much better to get out all your content before you edit, so at least then you know what you are working with. If you edit as you go, you may take away important parts of your story, or get distracted with editing instead of focusing on completing your book.

It all sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? And with some practice it certainly will be. To look at this in more depth, if you’re ready to make that investment of your time, please do get in touch with me here and book yourself in for a 20-minute chat.

But for now? Well, haven’t you got a book to plan?

 Does writing feel like a daunting venture?

I’ve written a book to get you started! Perfect for new writers or those who just need a creative boost, What’s Your Story? will take you on a creative journey of self-development. Break through barriers and get to the core of your story with this five module writing course in a book. Available now.


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  1. Love this! This is super helpful considering I’m trying to write my first novel this year. Thanks for sharing 🙂


    1. I’m so happy about your comment! I’d love to know more about your novel, I believe with a little planning we can achieve anything. I believe in you x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Stefanie B. says:

    I came across your blog through the Blogging Network on FB, and I’m glad I did! These are great writing tips you’ve shared, especially about waiting until the end to edit. I am totally guilty of editing as I go, and I see that it really slows me down. Thanks for sharing this!


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