Are you sorry about your growth?

I’m not sorry.

Have you been on your self-development journey, finally stepping into your greatness and standing up for yourself? But that growth has begun to bring out the insecurities of those who don’t mean you well?

I have been actively pursuing my greatness in the last four years, working hard to overcome and live with my feelings of anxiety and depression. This year alone I have taken responsibility for the trauma in my past that I had yet to address and heal from, while also prioritising my self-care over the needs of others.

In short, I am in a really good place right now, on so many levels. My mental health became my primary focus for a while, with me referring myself to counselling so that I could finally let go of whatever emotional baggage I was holding onto. It was the best thing I ever did, and I have only had a slight dip in my mood once since the counselling sessions came to an end.

I’m a mum and I know that I am a good mum when I am in a good place. I know that I have a huge responsibility to my children and that means prioritising my mental health so that I can take care of them properly. I am not suggesting that I can’t do the basics when I’m feeling low and on edge, but they don’t exactly get the best of me and that is the point. Don’t our children deserve a happy mummy? Don’t all children? I know mine do.

But in taking these steps this year to establish boundaries, be brave, prioritise my healing and focus on building my brand, reputation and business, I’ve learned that it is inevitable that not everybody will respond with love.

So as I move forward in life and prepare to step into the most successful phase of my life so far, I thought it’s best I forewarn and prepare those who are just waiting to roll their eyes at it all.

I am not sorry.

Not for being amazing, for being a light that shines up every dark room.

Not for oozing energy that invites the curiosity, attention and love of others.

Not for being a positive and powerful force in your slow and dull day.

I am not sorry.

Not for obsessing about my passions, for focusing on creativity or building my brand.

Not for writing for pleasure, for writing what I want, for writing the things I’d like to read.

Not for letting go of projects and people who weren’t in alignment with my purpose, not at all.

I am not sorry.

Not for understanding how to use social media to meet like-minded people who later become friends.

Not for broadcasting my achievements and excitement about the wonderful projects I create.

Not for monetising what I do so that I can pay my bills and feed my children, while loving what I do.

I am not sorry.

Not for loving myself for all the imperfections in my appearance.

Not for loving the curves, lumps and bumps in my body, a fabulous body that carried two children.

Not for being nice to look at, for being bold in red lipstick, for having healthy hair that grows naturally at its own pace.

I am not sorry.

Not for having boundaries.

Not for respecting myself.

Not for loving myself.

Not for allowing myself space to heal.

Not for welcoming opportunities to grow.

Not for being intentionally successful.

Not for being loud about it.

Not for being the truest version of me at all times.

Not at all.


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