My best event yet

I held my best event yet – and it was a book launch!

It’s been a whole week since I had a fantastic evening celebrating the release of my SIXTH book, and I am still in absolute awe.

What’s Your Story? was originally an online writing course that I created in 2016. I spent some time putting it together and once completed, it just didn’t seem right to share it with the public. After a couple of months, I had the great idea of turning it into a book instead and that is exactly what I did.

Fast forward six months later and I held a sold-out book launch with an audience of over forty people – my biggest yet for one of my events! I was determined that it would be more than just a book launch, it would be an experience and that was exactly what I achieved.

With a combination of writing exercises, talks, Q&A, audience participation and group activities, hosted by the amazing Paula Hemmings, which meant I could do what I do best and focus on talking about writing.

I was in awe of how well this book launch went, the organisation and preparation, the support, the team, the promotion of it (I was on Newstyle Radio and BBC WM the week before) was unlike anything I had done previously. It has to be said, I was impressed with myself last week and I remain impressed today.

One of the highlights is everybody’s excitement as they each received a copy of my book, signed and bagged in advance. I have spent so long being one of a handful of people who have read it, so it is brilliant that I now get to share it with the world.

Here are some of the wonderful comments people left on my Facebook after the book launch (after I posted a photo of me holding a well-deserved glass of wine):

“You deserve Sister Queen. I’ve been to many book launches and including famous writers like Terry McMillan and Dorothy Koomson, your event last night was the best yet…I mean that genuinely. I truly enjoyed it and YOU ROCK!”

“It was a blessing to be there! Hugging you like a sister I hadn’t seen for years  You owned your platform and shared it too! Such an inspiration and an honour to know you personally. Thank you for opening us up to other way of discovering and embracing our stories.”

“It was such a beautiful evening Annika completely curated and inspired by your decision to write and share your knowledge. I look forward to seeing you continue to grow. xxx”

If you didn’t attend the book launch, you well and truly missed out. You can find the official photos here, but I also recommend you follow my Facebook page to stay in the loop on any upcoming announcements. That might be a hint. #JustSaying

But for everyone who retweeted, shared, commented, liked, messaged, emailed kind words of support, thank you so much. You made such a difference in the lead up to my book launch, I don’t think you realise how much but I am grateful to you. Thank you.

Miss the book launch? You can purchase your copy of What’s Your Story? on Amazon here.

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