You are a powerful and phenomenal being

 On your down days, do you forget about your greatness too? 

I’ve been friends with anxiety and depression (or maybe they’ve been friends with me) for quite some time, only this year I have been super proactive in addressing the root cause.
Self-care is no joke and as much as we can say affirmations and create vision boards, sometimes you’re just going to wake up and feel really shitty. And the worst part is no amount of positive quotes or pretty pictures can take it away.
I love positivity but I am also realistic. What I find is that once I feel good, I stop doing all the things that got me there, I stop making a daily commitment towards self-love and self-care.
And when I do have those down days, like I have pre and post the eclipse, I wish I had written down all the things that help me feel good. Does that make sense?
I wrote an eBook on getting back on track with self love, because I needed that reminder and wanted to gift that knowledge to others too.
But that is not why I am posting this, I am not here to promote myself.
I am here to remind you that you are worth your effort each and every day. That your passion for life and progression is not determined by the amount of good days you had or the not so good days. That you will have bad days too but that is normal, that is balance, that is part of the human experience, that is okay and you are not alone.
Ride the waves of life with an open mind and an open heart.
Journal your feelings even when you don’t feel like it, so that you can see your progress.
Write down all the things you are grateful for, starting with the gift of life you received as you opened your eyes this morning.
Create a playlist of feel-good-songs with powerful lyrics and dance wildly with your headphones plugged into your phone and the music on loud.
Tell a friend that you feel rubbish so that you can work it out together. If you don’t have a friend, then find an online sister who will listen and support you (there’s plenty of online groups and you can start with me).
Remind yourself that you were scared and doubtful but did amazing things, and you will do this again and again.
You are a powerful and phenomenal being, my dear, worthy of being loved and listened to, and one bad day won’t stop that.
You were born with a purpose and you will serve that, one day at a time.

 Dear Aspiring Writer,

I am celebrating the release of my sixth book, What’s Your Story?, on Saturday 26th August and I would LOVE you to join me.
Book your ticket, arrive with an open mind and prepare to leave inspired.  All attendees receive a signed copy at the book launch. Can’t make it? Order your copy of What’s Your Story? directly from Amazon.

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