Consultations: More Than An Idle Chat

You’ve booked me and you’re excited, but are you sure you’re ready?

Earlier this year, I decided to offer my expertise to people who are ready to take a leap and write their books. I’m forever having creative ideas, but not enough time to work on them all, so being able to encourage and inspire people to be creative in their writing has been a natural career progression.

Consultations are a great way for you, the client, to get an idea of who I am and how I work. I give you an overview of my writing history and accomplishments, and encourage you to tell me about the book you’d like to write. Usually towards the end of the consultation, we’ve both made a firm decision on how we’d like to move forward – hopefully together.

I’d like to make it clear now, if you come to me for a consultation, I can only assume that you are serious about writing your book or blog or writing in general.

You’re serious about investing your time, your attention, and some of your hard-earned money, because you recognise you are asking for professional guidance. You understand the value of the guidance you’ll be paying for, mostly because you respect that the professional you’re paying for didn’t get that way overnight. You want to write your book and you’re prepared to pay for the support you need to assist you in reaching that goal, because you know it’s a worthy investment to make. You believe that you are worth that investment, and you arrive at your consultation ready for the possibility that you will be working with a writing coach after.

After four books (fifth one out this year and an eBook just released) self-published, Author of Colour award won, blogging, writing workshops facilitated, events about writing a book created and hosted, 2/3 of a Creative & Professional Writing degree completed, years of writing for online publications, plus a lifetime of writing for personal entertainment, I am pleased to say that while I consult for free, I will not coach for free. I do not have to, and should not have to. And of course, anyone who respects the journey I’ve taken, the progress I’ve made, and the knowledge and experience I’ve gained in that time, I’m sure they won’t expect me to coach for free either. In fact, they will be more than excited to work with me, knowing that I have all that to offer while I work with them on writing their book and boosting their confidence in what they create.

I can appreciate that we are all at different levels, our finances are promised to cover our many different responsibilities, and so by no means do I expect anybody to pay me instead of their rent. I love people and I love to work with people on their creativity and confidence, but I also know that my coaching is not for everybody. It is not for people who aren’t ready to take that step and commit to their writing goals, it is not for people who want the support but don’t want to pay, it is not for people who just aren’t ready to make that commitment.

To be clear:

  • If you are in a position where you can invest in yourself financially, please book a consultation with me.
  • If you are serious about writing your book, please book a consultation with me.
  • If you are ready for 1:1 guidance that will inspire and motivate you to write your book, please book a consultation with me.
  • If you’re ready to let go of excuses and take action, please book a consultation with me.
  • But if you’re looking for a freebie? I’d suggest you join my online community which offers peer support and encouragement.

Having a Writing Coach is a serious step, of course it is, because it means you believe enough in your writing goals to invest in the service of someone who can guide you to it. It means you realise you are worth the effort, that you believe the time of a Writing Coach is worth the money and you are ready to pay because you know they will help you get results. Ultimately, it means you are aware of the commitment you are making and you’re prepared to strive for the outcome you want to make it worth it.

But, of course, not everybody is at that point. They may think they are, but when it comes to the end of the consultation where I give an outline of the packages available to them, their eyes glaze over and suddenly they realise that having a Writing Coach to motivate them to write their book requires commitment.

So, before you get yourself booked in for a consultation with me, please ask yourself: are you ready?

Writing a book or blog can be a lonely pursuit, but it doesn’t have to be!

Join my FREE online writing community and prepare to get involved in conversations, live videos, webinars, feedback and much more.

You can join here.


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