How to Write Without Fear

Are you hesitant to put your thoughts on paper?

I understand too well the anxiety that comes with sharing written work.

A few years ago, my personal journals were read without my permission, and it took a long time to shake that feeling of violation. Not only was I left feeling like my creativity had been invaded, but I was expected to be remorseful for having written it in the first place. When I wrote my first book, I almost gave up because my partner at the time was questioning the scenes and character choices, as though they were looking to “catch me out” with something. Thought it was just fiction, that response had a long-lasting effect and it was only a few years later I put enough faith in my writing to finish my book.

I am mindful that it takes great courage to write honestly in any format, and it isn’t easy initially. It is often the first thing people comment on and this confirms that throughout all levels of my success, people can still see and connect with my integrity, and this is very important to me.

Inspiring people with my writing has been the driving force that has helped me overcome the fear of judgement. Oh, it’s still there in parts but I truly believe that somebody somewhere will connect with my writing, it will make an impact in some way, and that right there is a job well done.

With that in mind, I want to gift you with some guidance on how you can overcome your fear and be free in your writing.

Write as if nobody will ever read it. The fastest way to ease yourself of the weight of other people’s judgement is to imagine you’ll never be a target for it. That is how you let the writing flow, how you let your imagination run wild, and how you find your authentic writing voice.

Remind yourself of why you need to write. The greatest motivators are the emotions we attached to our goals. Perhaps we want to write because we overcome a difficult time in our lives and we’re ready to share because we’re proud of ourselves. Or maybe we want to write because for the first time ever we truly believe we have something of value to share. Whatever it is, write it down and re-read it when you’re feeling scared.

Trust that your words have value. This is one of those things that come with time, really. However, it is important for you to know that everything you have faced and overcome in your life wasn’t for nothing. Writing could be the tool you use to express and honour your lessons. Writing could be the door to your healing, if you just gave yourself that time to let your words flow. What you have been through to get here is important. What you have to say about it, matters.

With all this in mind, pick up your notebook and start writing. Perhaps start with “My truth is important because…” and fill up the page with all that comes to mind. This is your writing, your thoughts, your honesty, your experiences, your story… and it’s time to let it out.

Writing a book or blog can be a lonely pursuit, but it doesn’t have to be!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. daniaqamar says:

    I love writing but when I do and examine it I feel like my writing is inferior and than I begin comparing it with established writers books or girls in my class who take literature whereas I don’t!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Comparing yourself to others will never make you feel good. Your writing style is different, it isn’t and shouldn’t be like anybody else’s, that is what will make it stand out. I’m sure even established writers have days when they feel like their writing isn’t good enough. I’ll let you in on a secret; I had written and published four books before I decided to study writing. I didn’t think I was the best writer ever but I didn’t let it stop me. I bet you’re better at writing than you think. xxx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. daniaqamar says:

        Wow you wrote books before studying it? That surely makes me feel positive. Thank you for motivating words.


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