5-Day Writing Challenge

It’s almost time to explore your creativity!

The 5-Day Writing Challenge is available to members of the Writing With Confidence group only, and it is encouraged that you get involved as much as you can. Whether you write daily or rarely at all, this monthly writing challenge is designed to get your creative juices flowing!

When does the challenge start: 1st July

What do you need: Writing materials and a willingness to try

Where will you receive information: Email/Facebook group

What you’ll get from this:

  • Be able to write with a prompt
  • Commit to writing regularly
  • Opportunity to develop ideas
  • Accountability
  • Feedback via the Facebook group (optional)
  • New pieces of writing to be proud of.

You will also have the opportunity to post your daily writings in the group, where you’ll receive peer feedback. In fact, it’s recommended you do this!

I know that if you commit to just these 5 days of writing, you’ll impress yourself with the magic you’ll create with your words. Intrigued? You should be.

See you here on the 1st!

Writing a book or blog can be a lonely pursuit, but it doesn’t have to be!

Join my FREE online writing community and prepare to get involved in conversations, live videos, webinars, feedback and much more.

You can join here.


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