Four Reasons Why Your Writing is Rubbish

Oh dear. You really clicked on this blog post, didn’t you?

It’s likely you arrived at this post expecting to be inundated with insults and criticisms, all about how crap your writing is, and how I’m much better at it than you. Well, honey, I’m sorry to disappoint but this is not the day for that.

I understand how vulnerable we become when we share our writing with the world. We put ourselves in the firing line, or so it seems, and it is an uncomfortable feeling. Yet, when we do we allow the world to indulge in our written masterpieces and prove to ourselves that we can indeed achieve our goals. But it feels like a big leap. So, fear steps in and discourages us from even trying.

Your writing is rubbish because:

You told yourself it is. You affirmed it to yourself until it became a self-fulfilling prophecy. You expected rubbish writing and the universe delivered. You told yourself that nobody would read it because it’s so horrible, and so you didn’t bother putting it anywhere it could be found.

You gave up before you tried. You were so convinced that your writing was rubbish, that you didn’t even bother finishing it. You had a great idea for a story but decided that your writing wasn’t worthy enough to tell it.

You compared yourself to others and lost. You decided that there was no beginner’s stage, in fact, you decided you can only start out as perfect. You decided that you must write as well as those who have written many books, you decided that you could only be as great as authors of bestsellers or not write at all.

You tell people it is rubbish. You’ve mentioned your writing to others but have added a negative comment to it. You paint a picture of mediocrity to people and so they come to expect only that.

Feel good? Of course, it doesn’t, and that’s the point. When you hold onto this belief, it won’t make you feel good. It won’t make you feel motivated to write, to finish what you’ve started or to try something new. It won’t push you to reach your goal of writing a book because you’ve already decided that it isn’t worth the effort. It won’t inspire you to tell your story or to use your writing to bring light to a much-needed cause. You’ve already told yourself that there’s no point.

But I think you’re wrong.

Ultimately, you create your reality. You are in charge. Your mind believes the messages repeated to it constantly. If you believe your writing is rubbish, you reinforce it with your thoughts and actions. You put so much energy into that belief, that eventually it manifests. You know about the Law of Attraction, right?

You can only become great at anything if you choose to entertain the possibility of it happening. If you choose to try, you’ll see how far you can get. If you find the positives in your writing, you’ll give yourself enough confidence to address the areas you still need to learn. If you read about writing and attend writing events, it is likely you’ll become part of a network you can learn from. If you speak highly of your work and the inspiration behind it, people will want to read it. If you believe that your writing is good, you’ll only expect the best from yourself and you’ll be motivated to reach that standard every time.

We all have doubts but this level of self-deprecation can be damaging to your self-esteem, which will only affect your desire to write in the first place. Being a confident writer doesn’t happen overnight, it takes daily acts to get to a point where you feel good about yourself, and also daily practice until your writing develops.

So think about what you can do each day to challenge the negative thoughts you have about your writing. How can you become your own biggest fan? How can you dismiss this false idea of being a rubbish writer, and commit instead to something more positive? If affirmations are your thing, and you’re not quite ready to acknowledge your current creative greatness, start with this: My writing is improving all the time and I am creating a masterpiece.

Now bring that mantra to life. Write with the expectation that you will produce something good, and it is likely that you will.

And when you do? Tell me all about it.

Writing a book or blog can be a lonely pursuit, but it doesn’t have to be!

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4 Comments Add yours

  1. SidSirus says:

    Oh My God.. Thank you so much for this post !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for reading! ❤📚


  2. woeful2016 says:

    The first half of this post is me. I’m trying to be more positive going forward though and putting stuff out there and hoping for the best!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey lovely, thank you for reading! I think self-doubt is pretty normal when we create anything, but the great thing is that you’re pushing past it and doing it anyway. That, my lovely, is how you win at everything 🏆❤

      Liked by 1 person

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