The Climber

Disclaimer: I’m no relationship expert but I do speak with authority on my own experiences.

But let’s talk about The Climber. This may be a new concept for some of you, so get comfy with a cup of tea and prepare yourself for the ride.

You should know that I took inspiration from Scandal (Series 6, Episode 2) with this phrase because it resonated so deeply. So, thank you in advance to the amazing Shonda Rhimes for this.

What is The Climber? A man who sleeps with women to get himself to the top. Not just any women, but the go-getters, successful, positive forces, seemingly high-profile women. He’ll give her his attention, knowing full well he is unprepared to reciprocate with authentic commitment, and reap his rewards. He wants to have a sense of her magic, to know her secrets and goals so that he can progress too. It is likely he will use his access to your vulnerabilities to learn how to better approach his next target, he is that good. And for the most part, women let their walls down and let him in, taking his respectful approach for genuine interest, then telling him their everything. Why? Well, because he doesn’t appear to be trying to sleep with them. At least, not in the first instance.

Does this sound familiar?
Have you experienced the fluctuation of male attention when your accomplishments get noticed? These men like that, they thrive off your star quality and they will fall over themselves to have just a taste of the experience that is you. And what man wouldn’t? But with The Climber, he wants to experience you and use that to further himself. He has no intention of sticking around.

Which is cool, if you’re not looking for something meaningful. But chances are you’ll meet The Climber and notice them for how different they are, compared to all the other fools, in how they approach you. You’ll notice they seem to have a genuine interest in you, they seem to want to get to know the real you, the you that exists beyond your successful public persona. He spends a great deal of time complimenting you and engaging you in conversation. He makes you feel special, and you trust and respect him even more so because he hasn’t tried to seduce you. What a fucking gent.

But then there’s you, so open, so loving, so willing to embrace someone for who they are. And you, with your non-expectant love, showing him the most unearned respect, you make him feel like he is someone important. Such a wonderful boost to his ego.

But, wait there. Wait right there.

What makes this different from a good man who genuinely, and I mean genuinely, wants to get to know you? Well, The Climber will quickly move onto the next big star. Like a dirty, stinking moth, he’ll find himself drawn to the latest achiever and start his work again. You’ll become an afterthought as he now focuses on securing the attentions of his next target, his next big challenge.

Don’t get me wrong, The Climber is an ambitious man. He probably has a few women like this on the go. These women probably specialise in a variety of disciplines, likely winning awards or being noticed by mainstream outlets. They’re even more at a point where they are mindful of who they can trust, because they have already seen the ugly side of success. And this guy, I really don’t believe he intends to hurt anyone. In fact, I suspect he’s probably hurting himself, somewhere in the depths of his dark soul, and pursuing women like you is proof to his ego that he hasn’t failed as a man.

Have you encountered a Climber? If so, comment your thoughts below!



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  1. I love this post so much!! Women beware of the climbers out there x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Paula! It was therapeutic to write and I’m hoping there’ll be women who can relate x


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