5 Online Resources Every Writer Needs

It’s harder than it looks, right?

If you’re thinking of embarking on a writing journey, or have been on it for some time, you’ll soon come to the realisation that writing is not as simple as it seems.

Sure, I can sit here and just tell you to “pick up a pen and write” but in actual fact, we sometimes need a bit of extra help to ensure the words start flowing.

I’ve given some thought to what helps me with my writing, and here’s what you’ll find helpful.

1. Thesaurus.com 

Have you ever typed a word so much that you start to think you’ve misspelled it? Writing is a craft and part of that craft means you know how to convey a message with using as little words as possible. If you’re looking for an alternative word to improve the flow of a sentence, then look no further, Thesaurus.com is here.

2. Dictionary.com

Okay, so perhaps worse than using the same word repeatedly, is using a word without knowing its true meaning. I know we as a community like to sound sophisticated in our writing, but that is only going to happen if you understand the words you use. If it sounds out of context, it probably is. Don’t embarrass yourself, and don’t be too embarrassed to check words in a dictionary. I have a dictionary on my bookshelf that I use as much as I use the online version. It’s okay to make mistakes if we correct them, right? I’d rather correct them than press Publish, especially at this stage in my writing career.

3. Title Generator

This wonderful nugget of gold is fantastic when you’re looking for blogging inspiration! Sometimes you’ll be flooded with ideas for titles, other times you’ll need the prompt that comes with this fantastic website. Just type in a few words, press Enter, and then scroll through the results until something leaps out at you. Sounds pretty simple, right? And it totally is, that’s the beauty of it.

4. Dropbox/Google Docs

The best thing about the internet is that even when I don’t have my laptop with me, I can access my writing. This is brilliant for when I need to send a quick email and attach a document, need to refer to workshop notes or read from a piece of my writing. When I travel to the university on the train, I am inspired by having that time to think and if I don’t have a notebook with me (which is rare, I’ll tell you that) I’ll record it in a document on my Google account. The great thing about both Dropbox and Google Docs is that you can access the same document from a computer, the app on your phone and on a tablet. Handy, huh?

5. Writing With Confidence

I promise you, being part of a writing community can enhance your writing life. There’s something about shared stories, encouragement, achievements, challenges and other things that only writers understand, that can really make you feel as though you are not alone. My FREE Facebook group is in its early stages but is so ready for you to join and get involved. So, what are you waiting for?


Do you need a Writing Coach?

Whether you’re planning on writing a book, developing your blog or just want to build your confidence in your writing, get in touch with me for a free 20-minute consultation.


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