Dear Queen

It’s International Women’s Day today. I hope these words will reach the hearts it’s meant to.

(For maximum effect, read this out loud!)

Dear Queen,

I need you.

You inspire me to grow beyond my own expectations. At times you believe in my potential more than I do, and you push me to expect and demand more out of life. You see my worth and you remind me of it often. I need that, and you know this.

You understand my highs and lows, knowing when to smother me with love and when to give me space. You can read my mood just by looking at my face, or my messages or my posts, in that special intuitive way that women do. You know.

And I know that I worked hard to be here today, but that effort wasn’t mine alone. Everything I do and am is motivated by the love, support and encouragement I continue to receive from you.

Dear Queen who is reading this right now, you are everything.

I need you to know that I’m grateful for all the times you’ve listened, even though you’ve been struggling too. I know you don’t have all the answers but you always know what to do.

I need you to know that I see you too. Sometimes you feel tired, unappreciated, unmotivated and are crying inside with despair, you want to give up but you don’t, and I see you. I don’t know how you overcame that challenge but you did, and I’m so glad you did.

I need you.

And I know you feel like the world needs you. You spend so much of your time and life fulfilling the needs of others, that you forget to save the last drop for yourself.

You need you.

When you’ve been crying late at night on the bathroom floor, you were there. When you felt fearful about confronting a narcissist, you were there. When you were low on money and had to go without dinner so that your children could eat, you were there. When your friend called you late at night with a broken heart and mind, and you had work in the morning but still spoke with her until she found peace, that sacrifice was you. When you faced traumatic experiences and had to dig yourself out of a dark hole of depression, you were there. You are consistent, you show up, you are there, you make it happen.

If there is anything you should know today,  please know that I am rooting for you. I am pleading with you to shine bright and light the path for the rest of us to follow. Choose the path that feels right underneath your feet, move forward with confidence and know that we are right behind you.

We, the sisterhood, see you.

You’re a light that guides the lost out of the darkness, illuminating the path of reason so that people can find peace, even when you are in a place of darkness yourself. Even if you don’t feel like it, you inspire others simply by being you.

We connect with your scars because we’ve battled too. We celebrate your wins because we slay too. We soothe you through your anxiety because we are often consumed by it too. We are in awe of your children because we are the village who raises them with you. We see you. And you see us.

We need you to know that you deserve to be happy, not just Instagram happy, really happy.  You deserve to experience the love and respect you so willingly give to others.

I know it’s just words but I hope it touches you to know that a woman you may never meet is always thinking about you. You are important. You matter. You.

Love Annika x



5 Comments Add yours

  1. Mariam says:

    Beautiful post. Bookmarking it for those not-so-good days. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thank you Mariam xxx


  2. Wow that was so deep, I felt those words within my core! Thank you for your words x


    1. I wrote it with my Queens in mind. So happy you loved it x


  3. beautyaddictmama says:

    Beautiful post. x


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