Starting 2017 with SUCCESS!

The return of So You Want To Write A Book? was much better than I anticipated…

… and most of that was down to the two authors who agreed to speak and showcase their work at my event.

It began very simply, this time last year, a brand new concept (for me) that meant authors could finally talk to an audience about the core of what they do: writing. Any author will agree that writing a book is not necessarily a straight -forward process, particularly in self-publishing when much of the behind-the-scenes journey is a story in itself. That’s the point of this event; to give an opportunity for future authors to learn from what current authors did and didn’t do.

After four events in 2016, I decided to bring back So You Want To Write A Book? with some slight changes. In 2017 we have themes, which were kickstarted with authors from the Children’s genre.

Robyn Smart and Jenica Leah are both children’s authors who have created stories that will teach children in a creative way. Both books were bright and vibrant, full of engaging images and word-play, presented with pride by the authors who displayed copies on the tables for the audience to view and purchase. It is also worth highlighting that we had an EXCLUSIVE at this event, as Robyn Smart bought copies of her new book Who Am I? which is due to be launched this month in London.

This particular event was extremely informative, with both authors giving thorough guidance on how to publish a children’s book, based on their own experiences. They answered questions honestly and openly, and even I learned so much more about publishing. This is the brilliance of authors coming together.

But the published authors weren’t the only creatives in the room. Through discussion, we learned that we were also in the company of illustrators, unpublished authors, poets, and bloggers, all of whom were curious about the next step. So, this event is most definitely not only for those who want to write a book but also for those who want to network with other creatives and build partnerships in future projects.

See the photo album here.

If you didn’t attend this event, you missed out! But the next one returns on 22nd April 2017, look out for further details on my Eventbrite page.

Connect with Jenica Leah

Connect with Robyn Smart

  • Website:
  • Facebook:
  • From Robyn: “It felt great to be in a room with like-minded people,  hungry and thirsty for the same thing. 
    The positivity in the room was electrifying.  You could feel the energy.
    It was a pleasure to impart my experience and knowledge hoping that at least one thing I said would help someone.
    As women we pulled together and supported. We understand the drive and tenacity of being authors.

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