Why You Should Write That Book.

Are you that person who has always wanted to write a book, but hasn’t taken that first step?


Perhaps you’ve made a start but got distracted and swayed away by your everyday responsibilities. Or maybe you have a great idea but you’re worried nobody else will love it like you do.

You’ve been thinking about writing a book for years, even toyed with possible titles, perhaps discussed it with friends, and yet you haven’t written a word.

If you’re waiting for the right time in your life, perfect day, weather, conditions, environment, mood, and confidence before you finally put pen to paper, well I’m sorry, but you’ve been wasting time and it’s time to stop.

You talk more about writing than actual writing, and this is why the book you have inside is still actually in your head. I know this sounds harsh but here it is, the cold, harsh truth: your writing is not your priority. Not yet, anyway. And all of that can change the minute you decided that this is more than a dream, it is a life goal that you can reach if you simply commit to making it part of your daily routine.

omeahbefln4-alexis-brownYour knowledge and expertise didn’t come with ease, you spent time agonizing over plot and scene choices, you’ve had the perfect ending in your head for months, and all that comes next is to get it onto paper or onto a word document.

This gorgeous idea, story, concept, whatever it is specifically, can only be birthed through your energy, your words, your action, so without any of that it just won’t get written.It won’t write itself, it needs you to believe in it and yourself enough to deliver the idea.

It is important for you to know that it won’t write itself because it needs you to believe in it and yourself enough to deliver the idea.

Just in case you aren’t entirely convinced, here are five reasons why I know that you should write that book:

  • Nobody can do it quite like you

There is nobody on this planet who can write about your experiences quite like you. You are unique, your perspective is going to be different and this is your selling point. This is what makes you stand out. And there are going to be a lot of people who love the way you construct your sentences, create believable characters and build a strong plot, and they are going to be the people who buy your book.

  • You’ve been putting it off for years

yvl081tvnva-worthy-of-eleganceHonestly, if you don’t do it now, when will you? It is not guaranteed that you will reach a time in your life when you have nothing but spare time on your hands with nothing to do. In fact, our lives are so busy at all stages, and we make time for what we consider important. I met a woman once who scheduled a daily alert in her phone to write a book, but she never sat down to write. She had it there, didn’t remove it, but ignored it and continued with her day. But she still wanted to write a book. My point is, that time will pass anyway, it’s what you do with it that makes the difference. You don’t have to write all of it in one sitting, you just have to make a start.

  • It will make a difference

Don’t underestimate the power of the written word. I’ve written fiction about domestic violence and still been contacted by people who felt moved by it. Your story could be the very thing that stops somebody from giving up and inspires them to move forward. Your perspective could shed light on an area otherwise unknown. Your experience could shape the opinions of those who are looking to learn and eager to help. Your story could show someone else in the world that they aren’t alone. Whether you stick to fiction or branch out into personal development, education or other areas, what you have to offer is going to be different from anyone else if you stay authentic, and that is what will appeal to readers.

  • It will open up opportunities you would never have imagined 

eky2otrpxdw-mikhail-pavstyukThere’s something special about writing and publishing a book. When I wrote my first novel, I hadn’t given much thought about what would happen beyond publishing. What actually happened was more than I could ever expect for myself, and it is what brings me here today writing this blog post for you. Being an author will open doors, windows, and opportunities to you, that will push you outside of your comfort zone. You will be invited to speak and read at events, facilitate workshops, sell your books and collaborate with people and businesses who now find value in what you have to say. Amazing, right? And it sounds bizarre because it really is, but ultimately from the minute you begin to pour a little faith in yourself, the Universe responds with more of the same.

  • You will grow 

I can only speak from experience on this one, both first-hand and being witness to it in others, but writing a book will be the making of you. Holding a book in your hands with your name on the cover and your words on the pages, that right there is phenomenal. It blows out all the negative self-talk and self-sabotaging ways out the water because you achieved something so big. You can’t help but feel proud of yourself, even if you secretly worry about the feedback from others. Because no matter what they say, you’re the one who believed in themselves enough to write a book.

I’m hoping I’ve done enough here to convince you that it’s time to put pen to paper. I’ll be thrilled to know that you’ve at least made notes, thought about scenes and created a strong character to drive your book forward. Or perhaps have the chapters of your self-help guide carefully planned out. Whatever your book, please don’t delay. Your readers are waiting.

book-meDo you need a Writing Coach?

Whether you’re planning on writing a book, developing your blog or just want to build your confidence in your writing, get in touch with me for a free 20-minute consultation


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Great advice. Really enjoyed reading.


    1. I’m really glad you enjoyed it! Thank you for reading xxx


  2. I really enjoyed reading this! I’d started writing both fiction and non-fiction stories and never really took off on ANY of these projects. Now I’d like to start a self-help book on people suffering and/or recovering from mental health like myself, but I have no idea where to start! I have a relative who’s a well-renowned local criminologist and author, but I don’t talk to him and am afraid to approach him for help (he’s my dad’s uncle)… so for now it’s just a dream…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed reading this. And you should totally write that book! Shall we arrange a Skype chat?


      1. I’d like that! I will let you know when I’m available. Thanks so much!


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