My Writing Playlist: January

I’ve been indulging in my favourite art form more than usual lately. I have previously mentioned that I am not great with concentration, so when writing feels particularly hard I have found a way to keep my focus: music.

With my carefully selected playlist, I’m able to zone out and think only about my writing. The daydreams and images conjured up with other music tend to distract me from my writing, so I am glad I’ve found an alternative.

Study Music Alpha Waves – If I really want to zone out, I listen to this instrumental. Often, my mind is busy and it can be a challenge for me to focus on the task at hand. I can be easily distracted when I am like this so I searched through YouTube and found this instrumental which brings me to a state of calmness.

Alicia Keys – The Element of Freedom. I love this album because it is calming. The music and melodies are beautiful, it makes me feel good and this motivates me to keep writing. I wrote a lot of my first book, Shattered Dreams, to this album and it most definitely is my go-to album for when I am creating magic. I’m even listening to it now as I type this!

Podcasts – I learn new things and find people I can follow on social media. They can be short and sweet, or up to an hour-long. They leave me inspired and I love how I can relate to what I am listening to.

  • Kick Ass Talks – “Kick Ass Talks is a Podcast for entrepreneurs looking for inspiration, motivation and personal development. We also talk marketing, mindset and business strategy and are targeted at those who are new to the business world.”
  • The Danielle Show – “This podcast is a mix of tips, interviews, and short bursts of wisdom messages to help you gain clarity, stand in your power and achieve your true potential. It touches on topics related to faith, personal growth, personal development and mindset and business strategies.”

All of this doesn’t necessarily make me a better writer, but it helps to create the right atmosphere and clears my mind so I can write.

What do you listen to while you write?

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