Why You Should Write That Book.

Are you that person who has always wanted to write a book, but hasn’t taken that first step? Perhaps you’ve made a start but got distracted and swayed away by your everyday responsibilities. Or maybe you have a great idea but you’re worried nobody else will love it like you do. You’ve been thinking about…

So You Want To Write A Book? – It’s back!

Have you always wanted to write a book but don’t know where to start? Writing Coach and award-winning Author Annika Spalding presents So You Want To Write A Book? Featuring insightful talks from authors and an opportunity to learn more through Q&A, plus a workshop facilitated by Annika, this event will give you the inspiration…

My Writing Playlist: January

I’ve been indulging in my favourite art form more than usual lately. I have previously mentioned that I am not great with concentration, so when writing feels particularly hard I have found a way to keep my focus: music. With my carefully selected playlist, I’m able to zone out and think only about my writing….

LIVE TONIGHT: Writing Space & Tools

Tonight I’ll be answering YOUR questions LIVE on my Facebook page. If you haven’t read my last few blog posts, do it now as this is what will be the premise of my talk tonight. When I first decided to share my writing with the world, there was nobody I could call on for advice….