Are you in love with your friends?

Some of the loves of my life are my closest friends. These phenomenal, positive, beautiful souls have done nothing but bless my life with their continuous love and understanding, how could I not reciprocate it?

I tell my friends I love them, it’s the done thing and in our circles it’s pretty normal. We are so passionate about each other that really when it comes to dating, if a man can’t love me like my friends love me then he has no business wasting my time.

There is something special about the bond you have with your closest friends. They become the sisters you never asked for, often the family you never expected, helping you to grow and develop into the person you were always destined to be. They don’t stop believing in you even when you stop believing in you. And why would they? We’re in this together! And when you love someone, really love them, you just want the best for them.

I thought this was a normal thing, well whatever normal is, but when talking to someone they found the declaration of love between friends unusual. They didn’t tell their friends they loved them, although there was love there, but they didn’t share the same connection as I do with my close Queens. And it is that conversation that makes me realise how special my bond with some of the most amazing women I have come to know is.

Let me tell you how it started.

wineThis year I had a Rebirth Party and invited a group of individuals that I knew but didn’t know each other. There were some that I knew better than others but I trusted the feeling I had to invite who I did. There was no favouritism. There was no clique-type selection. I was guided by energy, by authenticity and trusted that it was right. And it was.

I used to make a point of not mixing friendship groups but on this occasion I took a risk and it worked out beyond my expectations. Now I have created a group of Queens who meet to share stories, goals and support each other through anything and everything. It’s amazing to see the individual growth, the trials and tribulations, the advice given and the unapologetic support we have for each other. We are straight-talking, no nonsense, positive and passionate women. And there is so much love, I tell you now there is so much love and we remind each other constantly of our worth. Isn’t that what friends do?

I do believe that our friends reflect who we are and who we want to be, and by that statement alone I know I am in the best possible place in my life. It’s true to say that I’ve always felt right at home with the people I surround myself with at any one time, but as I grow the circles I move in change, and there are people I knew once that I don’t know so well now.

I understand that we all grow and sometimes we are parallel with each other, and other times we grow in different directions completely, and I respect that. I don’t fight the process. I trust that there has been a purpose in our bond, whether brief or otherwise, and I still wish everyone well even if we don’t interact as much as we once did.

My friends now are a sign of my growth, confidence and self love. They embody confidence and passion and positivity, they inspire and motivate me and each other, they are Queens in their own right, unapologetic and loud and proud, and I am so blessed to know them. Do I love them? Yes I do, I love them fiercely and I wish them nothing but happiness. Their happiness makes me happy, their sadness makes me angry and of course when you love anyone you want the best for them.

My Queens are the sisters I weren’t born with physically but are part of my emotional rebirth, my spiritual growth and part of the woman I am becoming every day. They are the people who show me love on the days I forget to show myself, the women who remind me of who I am on the days I neglect my whys, the soul sistahs who ensure I never forget my worth. They are Queens, I see them as much as they see me.

And to illustrate it further and round off this post, I’ll share a powerful poem that one of my loved ones, my friend, my Queen, my soul sistah Buki wrote and shared with me:


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  1. miriamknows says:

    My best friends are like my sisters. Love them to death! Great post.

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