Maybe we’re all superstars after all

maybe-were-all-superstarsI’m beginning to realise that my current position brings with it great responsibility. And when I say position, I mean the way I’ve just put myself out there on the internet with details of my life and me overall, and how that comes across to people.

I am by no means a celebrity and nor am I trying to be one. I’m just here living an authentic life but putting it on social media in the hope that I can inspire other women to do the same. Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, it really isn’t. I talk about domestic violence, anxiety, low self-esteem, confidence, parenthood, co-parenthood, writing and a little bit more. I put photos of my life with my children for all to see. Depending on the social media platform, I share snippets of my adversities and my successes, certain that someone somewhere will get the message.

And it works, mostly, it works well. I receive messages from men and women who tell me they are inspired by my posts and ask if I can help them. And that’s when I realise that OH MY GOSH they think I am an expert but then I guess to an extent I am, at least of my own life, and so they think I can help them.

I make no promises, I never claim to know everything about everything, I just know what I know. But what I know isn’t mine to keep and I want nothing but for that knowledge to be shared because it wasn’t gained in vain. I didn’t face and overcome the challenges in my life for me to sit here and sip my tea and not say a word to anyone about it. Come on now. I learned to release the old me and allow room and space for the new me to grow. Isn’t that the purpose of life? To develop and grow into our full potential?

But I know that I’ve positioned myself to be seen and with that comes great responsibility. This is why it is so important that I am true to myself and others at all times. I am not here to mislead anyone or give anyone false information or a false impression about what I am about.

Photo by Paul Stringer

I often receive messages from other women who are looking for a way out of their negative habits, depression or low self-confidence. They look to me as a pillar of strength, and example of what it means to have overcome it all. And for the most part it is true but the things I speak on aren’t necessarily things I’ve conquered. I believe self-love is a journey. Maintaining a positive mindset takes practice. I’m more confident than I ever was but I am still not where I want to be. Some days I wake up and I struggle to get out of bed. On those days, the only motivation for getting up is so I can take my children to school. I have days where I am tearful, irritable and anxious but I don’t know why. There are times when I want to create but I feel a block and it’s frustrating. And there are times when I just want to be left alone.

I’m only human. I’m not superwoman. I’m not a superhero or an alien with magical powers. I know I’ve accomplished a lot but please understand that behind the scenes I’ve battled to get here. I may not shout out about my personal life but honestly, I’m not immune to heartbreak, betrayal, and disappointment.

Social media isn’t real life. I capture the highlights of my day but there’s so much I leave out. And that’s the truth! I keep this in mind as I’m approached by others for support, and remind myself of my current capacity to help. I know I can help people with my experience, personal and professional, and I am so grateful to be confident enough in my creativity to do so. I have reached people I would have never known, impacted people with my words and my energy, and this has been made known to me by them and I am amazed at it all. I know I’m not ordinary and I don’t aim to be normal, but when I am made aware of the impact of my words I feel like I could actually be some kind of superstar.

Maybe we all are, in our own right, superstars and we’re just waiting for our moment to shine and be seen. I believe we all have something to give, all have something to offer and nobody is actually normal. What is normal anyway?



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