So You Want To Write A Book? | April Review

APRIL- So, You Want To Write A Book-Back in February I held my new event So You Want To Write A Book? for the first time and it was fantastic.

Buzzing off the general feedback, atmosphere and experience I was determined to bring it back again, and so I did.

On Monday 25th April I held the second instalment of this event and it did not disappoint.

The featured speakers were: University of Wolverhampton Creative Writing student Lisa Bull, who has written a few books but hasn’t yet published. And Tony Meade, published author and founder of independent publishing house Inspire Books.

It is worth noting that I value the different stages our writing takes us, the different levels we move through as we work to complete a masterpiece. This is why I felt it was incredibly important to have two writers who were at completely different stages to highlight to the audience that their writing dreams are within reach.

20160425_202726Lisa Bull is a Creative Writing student who is passionate about her work. She gave a great talk on how she finds her motivation, on how she keeps going and how she structures her work. Though just 19, she demonstrated great knowledge and a willingness to share it with everybody in the room!

Tony Meade gave us a wonderful insight to the story behind the author, to the challenges he faced and how he came to writing later in life. He arrived with copies of his books and cups with his characters on, demonstrating how far a writing dream can take you.

Both authors presented themselves confidently, speaking honestly and openly about their journey so far. I said this last time but once again the audience listened closely and taking notes in the writing books they were advised to bring. As a writer, witnessing the authors engage their audience with their writing journeys really warmed my heart.

The audience came prepared with enthusiasm and questions, which meant everybody came away having learned something new. But isn’t that what this event is about? Of course it is.

It is tempting to give away some specific details of the evening, but instead I’d like to encourage you to come to the next one. Tuesday 28th June. Save the date! Authors to be announced.

More images found here: So You Want To Write A Book?



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