Placing Value In Your Story – My Interview with Danielle McDonald

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A few weeks ago I did an interview with the amazing Danielle McDonald and it was brilliant! After having connected with her on Twitter ad Instagram, it as lovely to actually speak to her and an honour to be interviewed for her show.

I’ve watched a few of her YouTube videos and loved the knowledge and wisdom that she shares. She just makes sense, you know? And she is very good at what she does, professional and thorough, something which I learned first hand throughout this process.

So when THE Danielle McDonald asks for an interview, how could I possibly say no?

I think as time goes on and I’m just caught up with my day-to-day responsibilities, I forget about some of the things I’ve achieved. I know I’ve written four books but I don’t think about it all the time (I do, however, think about the one I’m currently writing) and I don’t consider how I look to other people. But clearly in the little that I’ve shared and my online presence has made an impact and my openness has meant opportunities like this have become available to me.

Annika Spalding


From Danielle’s website:

“Annika Spalding is an amazing woman who’s light shines bright both inside and out and it was such a great pleasure to interview her for the show.

Annika is a writer; a Birmingham-born survivor of childhood and adulthood domestic violence, a former Birmingham and Solihull Women’s Aid employee, an activist and single mother with a dream and a woman who is passionate about inspiring women to pursue their dreams.

You can listen to the full interview here.

Final words: Never shy away from telling your story. That negative voice in your head telling you mean things is really just your fear of the unknown. It is so easy to talk yourself out of highlighting your journey, talking about the challenges you’ve faced and overcome, so easy to not give yourself any credit for anything fabulous that you’ve done. But it’s when other people point out to you that you actually are very strong and have a story that will touch and inspire others, that you realise that there is some value in what you have to say. More than some, a lot of value. But nobody is going to know that if you don’t let yourself speak.

I’m listening. We’re listening. Speak.


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