Queens. Stop lying to yourselves!

We tell ourselves all sorts of lies when we see the best in people. We see the potential that they don’t and we hold onto it, hoping that they’ll see what you see and want what you want.

Newsflash: Not everybody interested in you is eligible for you.

Nobody is perfect but having potential is no good if that person isn’t actively working towards it. He said he’s sorry for fucking your friend (and who knows how many others that you don’t know) but fast forward a few weeks he’s in her messages again. He ain’t sorry for what he did, though he may be polite and seemingly understanding of the pain and stress he caused. It’s all an act. And he’s good at it, actually, but now you can see him for who he really is and that ain’t sitting right, is it? He didn’t promise you anything, he didn’t say he was a King but he didn’t correct you when you called him one either. He didn’t correct you when you said he was a good man because he knew inside he wasn’t. But he wanted what he wanted and so he acted the part.

And we lie to ourselves. Long before any kind of revelation we know something isn’t right but we ignore that feeling because we’re holding onto “potential.” He won’t tell you the truth and you tell yourself all sorts of lies because maybe, just maybe, he might be the one for you.

But he isn’t. He’s a fuckboy. He knows it and now you do. So do your friends.

12512442_1086570374741837_1013302183064864217_nIn fact, I’d recommend you tell your friends about this clown because he will move undercover and will fail to mention that time he propositioned one of your girls. Keep your friends in the loop on who you’re seeing because a friend will have loyalty to you in a way this guy is loyal to his party sausage. Keep no secrets from your tribe because they will always be there for you. This guy is counting on the fact that you won’t tell your Queens your business because that keeps his antics under wraps, but honey you make sure you tell your friends about this fool.

Stop lying to yourself. He isn’t anything special and you can do much better but he won’t tell you that. Of course he won’t.

But you know. And you know what to do. Block that fucker on everything and continue to rise and be fabulous.

Sidenote: The backstory to this will make an awesome part of a script or book one day. Everything is writing material.


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