Yes. I’m busy.

meI have an over-active mind which means I like to keep busy.

I like being organised and planning things in advance, which means my diary is full at times. My time is precious so I have to plan ahead productively so I’m not wasting mine or anyone else’s time.

I attend uni three times a week, sometimes squeeze in a meeting before or after my lectures, but always within school hours so I can be home in time for the school run.

On my guaranteed two days a week to myself, I’ll either go to the uni library, catch up on housework and errands, catch up with friends over lunch, have meetings or work on my creative stuff.

The weekends belong to my children. If I have any child free time then, I’ll catch up with friends, go on a date, go to events, or stay at home alone and have a well deserved evening off.

I’m usually tired in the evenings but I like to make the most of my creativity so I will write, make plans for upcoming projects, reply to emails and type up blog posts. I revisit my goals and journal often, reminding myself of what I’ve achieved so far and what I’m working towards.

I don’t switch off much but whenI do I have a hot bubble bath, listen to some old skool rnb tunes, read or watch a few busyepisodes of Scandal. When I’m seeing someone, I spend some time with them too.

I’m busy, yes, I bloody am. I’m building a legacy to leave to my children. I’m determined that I won’t be an old lady with regrets, I’ll have so much to talk about and share with my ,¬†grandchild.

I’m not here to simply exist. I’m here to live. So I’m busy. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Three3Reign says:

    I know EXACTLY how you feel


  2. Sasha says:

    This post is phenomenal! How you manage all of these things is beyond me… a lesson for us all. Well done girlx


    1. It doesn’t feel like a lot until I start to feel super tired and run down. I’ll figure out a good balance soon enough. Thank you for reading x


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