Respect boundaries!

12512437_1089284651137076_4177651305938239950_nIt’s amazing how many people you can offend when you dish out some of the same shit they throw at you. They don’t like it but they didn’t mind sending it your way? Okay.

Watch how many people get upset by your growth, your increased confidence and achievements.

Listen out for the sly comments, digs and whispers behind your back when you’re onto a good thing.

Not everybody is going to like you or like what you do. Some people are going to feel threatened by you before even actually meeting you. You won’t even know their name or that they exist, but they’ll spend a lot of time gossiping and sending spies to see what you’re doing.

Roll your eyes at all of it. It comes with the territory. There’s no growth without change and change isn’t meant to be comfortable. This period is designed to help you separate the genuine from the others.

Trust the process. Trust the universe.


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