Anni – The Bad Influence Friend

12798991_1092583660807175_1055912989237801047_nI’m that friend that will encourage you to be true to yourself and be happy like you deserve. So if your partner feels threatened by your growth, they probably won’t like me.

A few years ago I had a best friend whose boyfriend didn’t like me because he thought I was a bad influence. He would even hijack our planned get-togethers and even come along, and when she broke up with him the new guy was the same!

A friend I’ve known a longtime recently revealed to me that her ex husband hated me too and now that she has found her confidence he says to her “that sounds like something Annika would say” but it actually isn’t, it’s all her, her growth, her sense of value and self-worth has grown so she won’t take any more shit.

I don’t care if your partner doesn’t like me.

I’m not out here encouraging women to leave their partners and be single forever, far from it. I’m encouraging women to be true to themselves, to honour their self-worth and practice self-love, and to lead an authentic and happy life. If for any reason that makes your partner feel threatened, then they have a problem they need to deal within themselves.

Anyone who truly loves you will support and contribute to your personal and professional growth, not hinder it.

So if I am being a bad influence by empowering women to think for themselves and be happy, then I quite proudly accept that and will do more of it


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