Laptops & Lipstick – A great event!

Eating Mrs Wilson’s Cakes Banana loaf! (Feature image by Kickass Talks)

This week I was invited to speak at Kickass Talks: Laptops & Lipstick for International Women’s Day.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t know what to expect but I knew that anything my friend Paula Hemmings is involved with will be oozing with great energy.

I was the first speaker, which is awesome because I get nervous when I’m watching the clock.

Beforehand I’d gone around the various tables that were loaded with information, products and services by local businesses.I enjoyed some beautiful banana loaf from the legendary local baker Mrs Wilsons Cakes and it was nice to officially meet her in person. We’ve been connected on Instagram for a while (see the power of social media!) and I’ve drooled over all the photos of cake she posts for aaages. I think it was a triple chocolate cupcake I had for myself and two cake pops for my girls.

I was really pleased to have met Lisa Jackson too, I’ve been subscribed to her website for some time now and always enjoy her emails. She has some great resources on her website and it was good for me to be able to share that space with her too. Her talk was exactly what I expected to be and I can only imagine the work she does with people being even more fantastic.

I enjoyed hearing all the women speak but particularly enjoyed the way Kara Thomas told her story! She was able to draw strength from her words and inspire the rest of us.

12814684_524532541082151_5837802763753606868_nMy talk seemed over pretty quickly and in true Annika-style I had self-doubt throughout. I know I can talk well but in the moment I feel nervous and my self talk can be quite negative. But I usually ignore all of this and say what I have to say, which comes easily because it is often from the heart.

Throughout the morning in the breaks, I had women come up to me and tell me how much they could relate to what I’d said. I loved that. That is great feedback, even more so when they share a snippet of their own journey without prompt. It means my energy is warm and welcoming, they could connect with me and so felt safe to share some of their story too. And this is what reaffirms to me that I’m on the right path.

Photos from the event, courtesy of Kickass Talks, are here.

And here’s a snippet of my talk for those who didn’t attend!



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