So You Want To Write A Book? – Debut Success!

1.Last month I held a fantastic event called So You Want To Write A Book?

The concept was simply this: two featured authors share their writing journey and process to a room full of eager and aspiring writers with plenty of questions.

It was a success!

The first author was 16-year-old Louisa Brown who gave an honest account of the inspiration behind her book The Cursed Noize and how she maintained the motivation to finish it. I found this lovely young woman through LinkedIn and didn’t know how young she was. She wrote her first novel at the age of 14 and is currently working on her next piece. I know everybody listening was impressed but what was really cool was someone in the audience was her age and so massively inspired by her.

The second author was one half of YUSA, Axsal Johnson. He gave a very detailed and informative talk about his writing process, offering advice and guidance on publishing costs. Having followed YUSA on social media for some time now, it was a pleasure to actually meet Axsal in person and witness the sharing of this invaluable information.

I know I created this event but I was keen that it wouldn’t be all about me. I enjoyed hosting it and facilitating the Q&A sessions after each speaker. I’ve been writing for a while now but I don’t consider myself an expert. That night I learned so much from both Louisa and Axsal, and this reaffirmed to me that as writers we each have something different that we do when creating our work.

2.I wish I’d had that level of determination as Louisa has at her age, it’s amazing to see so much passion and drive in a young person. If she can write her first novel at the 14, imagine what she will have achieved by my age? (29, if you must know.) She is fantastic.

Axsal is the expert, he and his colleague have dedicated a lot of time, research and money into producing their book The YUSA Guide To Balance, which has had international success! I took my copy of their book with me but forgot to get it signed. What was awesome was that he came with plenty of copies himself, so that he could sign and sell them there.

This is what I love about this event already. It’s easy to find a bookshop or to order a book online, but rarely do we get to meet and interact with the person who wrote it. As an author myself, I find I talk a lot more about the content of my work rather than the process of it, and that’s the exciting bit! There are aspiring writers everywhere and as someone who has pursued her writing goals I feel it is my duty to pave the way for others to achieve their goals too.

Find more photos from this event here.

The next one will be on Monday 25th April. Subscribe to my website and you’ll be among the first to know when the tickets are ready!


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