My Rebirth

12787127_10153884388437348_248260908_oI know I’m super late with this but in January I celebrated my rebirth anniversary.

I’ve been officially single for three years now and I’ve celebrated it every year with friends. It’s not a celebration of being single, or a celebration of not being in that particular relationship anymore, it is an acknowledgement of my growth in that time.

A few years ago I was very unhappy and when I left that relationship I was afraid of my own shadow. I was consumed with anxiety and depression, didn’t know how to think for myself and didn’t feel secure in my surroundings.

It’s taken a lot for me to be the woman that I am now and I’m still learning to be the woman I’m going to be. I’ve gone from being on the brink of a panic attack and not being able to look at myself in the mirror, to being a guest speaker at events and booking myself a photoshoot for new images for my website (you’ll see in a few weeks time!).

I’ve published four books and I’m working on my fifth one, I’m now a university student, I’ve spoken at events, I’ve been on the radio, I’ve written a web series, I’ve done so much that I am proud of and that at the beginning I would have been afraid to do.

But most importantly I’ve been a role model for my children and hopefully a good one. I am so conscious that my journey has also been their journey and I’m a better mum now that I’m happier.

It is so important.

12809960_10153884412762348_1550563401_oI celebrated with a meal in a fancy place last year and it was awesome. This year I wanted something more intimate so I invited some Queens with good energy to my home and we had a lovely night in. It was beautiful. I feel like I was guided by my gut with my invites and the mix and blend of women was perfect. Not everybody knew each other at all but they all connected, sharing how and when they had met me and how much of my journey they had witnessed. It is amazing to be on this self love journey but to not be the only one to witness to it.

I have my physical birthday on the 22nd October and when I turn 30 this year I’ll be celebrating in a big way. But I will always celebrate the date my soul was reborn. I will always honour the period in my life that I decided to give myself the life and love I knew I deserved.

It hasn’t at all been easy but it has been worth it. Do you do anything similar?


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  1. Sasha says:

    was blessed reading this.. thank you Annika


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