So You Want To Write A Book?

I’m excited to announce the debut event of So You Want To Write A Book that I’ll be hosting next month!

Have you always wanted to write a book but don’t know where to start?

Birmingham author Annika Spalding presents So You Want To Write A Book?

Featuring insightful talks from published authors and an opportunity to learn more through Q&A, this event will give you the inspiration to begin and finish your own book.

Authors for February are:

louisa1Louisa Brown

“Hmmmm…… what can I say I’m a mystery, with a possessed mind.” – Louisa Brown

Louisa Brown is an author and has written; ‘The Cursed Noize’, being the first part of the series. Ms. Brown has also co-written “Rise Of The Demons” with another author Anneka Rose.
She is a diligent and ambitious individual with a strong mindset. She thoroughly enjoys writing and letting her imagination run wild! Her dream is to share with her creations with the world.



yusa lifeAxsal and Shaun

YUSA – Stands for: Your Universal Soul Abundance – WWW.YUSALIFE.COM

YUSA promote the highest form of abundance with our primary aim on the planet being to provide one with the keys to the shackles of self-limitation. Investing time into self-improvement is essential for the achievement of true peace, happiness, universal awareness, success and the opening of the doors to a balanced reality.

The foundation of YUSA is actually our 300-page guidebook which is self- published and available globally is organised around the Mind, body and spirit. Since the release in November 2014 the work has created a growing community across the world and currently on the verge of announcing some additional offerings such as an assisted publishing service, organic teas, superfoods and much more.

The minds behind YUSA, Shaun and Axsal both have a keen interest in the raising awareness towards real life issues dominating the worlds communities and amply provide researched, trialled & tested solutions to help inner-stand one’s own ability through self-realisation and the power the individual has to make a difference

So, You Want To Write A Book-This event is ticket only! Book yours early to avoid disappointment.

It is recommended you bring pen and paper to make notes!




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