Let them talk

If you’ve spent much of this year striving for your dreams, you’ll already be familiar with the cost of your ambition.

People are going to talk about you. Some good, some bad. So called friends are going to gossip with each other about you, feeling pushed out and inconvenienced by your apparent change. But of course you had to change, right? Nobody works so hard to stay the same.

You grow and evolve at a pace that makes others feel uncomfortable. Let them feel it. It’s not your responsibility to check everybody’s feelings for them. That’s theirs. You mind your own. You focus on you. You worry about you. You place that energy on you and what you set out for.

When you decline unhealthy working relationships, they are going to talk about you. They’re going to be angry that you are succeeding without them. They’re going to want you to fail so bad. They’ll feel envious and will either stalk you on social media or block you from life, because you make it look easy.

Honey, you know it isn’t easy but there are some who are more about the outcome than the process. You mind your own, which will be why you do so well in the first place.

You earned this moment. You earned your rewards and awards. You earned those achievements, large and small, private and public. YOU.

Success comes at a cost. The people you start with won’t necessarily be the ones who accompany you to the top, but this is about your journey. Not everybody will understand or appreciate the decisions you make, why you couldn’t “chill”, why you couldn’t accept every party invite, why you couldn’t involve yourself with mindsets that don’t connect well with yours.

It is not intended that you never outgrow people, places and feelings. Staying focused requires commitment and dedication, requires you to be disciplined and to steer clear of distractions.

This is not about being all work and no play, but more about keeping your environment and the people in it in line with where you see yourself in 5 years time. Are you all growing together? Do you gossip or discuss business? Do you look at each other with envy or pride?

Think about it. Make changes if you want to evolve.


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