Two years of Shattered Dreams

Shattered Dreams was published two years ago.

Inspired by women in my life, I felt I had to tell a realistic story of a woman fleeing domestic violence.

Though this is a fictional character, her experiences are based on those of women I’ve lived with, worked with, supported or befriended.
I have worked for Birmingham & Solihull Women’s Aid, been a helpline volunteer for the Rape & Sexual Violence Project and a family support worker for the local authority.

I have delivered training to police officers, social workers, social work students, family support workers and others, raising awareness of domestic violence, children and domestic violence, girls and gangs, rape and much more.

I’ve been on marches to demand an end of violence against women, spoken at Million Women Rise rally and I am a trained facilitator of The Freedom Programme.

So, as much as Shattered Dreams is just a story I’ve written, it has been crafted in a way to help women. It raises much needed awareness on domestic violence, rape and sexual exploitation, and acts as a tool to encourage women to seek help.

But most of all, it gives women a voice.

This book is £7.99 on Amazon. You could buy it for yourself today. Or maybe you could gift it to a woman who also needs it.
It might save her life.

Purchase your copy here



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