Are you scared of your greatness?


I love when people share their ideas and goals with me. Seeing their eyes come alive as they talk about their passions and projects is amazing. It’s inspiring. It’s an honor when they choose to share them with me and I’m excited to see it happen.

When we talk about why we haven’t started taking steps in order to achieve these dreams, we begin to find excuses and reasons. We’re creative like that.

Let me tell you something: that perfect moment isn’t coming. That “right time” isn’t coming. It doesn’t exist. It’s a concept invented by that part of you that wants to procrastinate.
Are you scared of your greatness? Are you making excuses because you fear the possibilities that may arise from the minute you try?

You can spend your time waiting for that perfect day, perfect mood and perfect circumstances, if you want to. But that time will pass anyway and wouldn’t it be better to spend it productively?

You don’t have to know all the answers, you just have to demonstrate the desire to learn and the ability to try, you know?

That book won’t write itself. That business won’t build itself. That relationship won’t flourish itself. That degree won’t study itself. That room won’t decorate itself. That pain won’t heal itself.

It all needs you. It doesn’t have to be a huge step forward, it doesn’t have to all start at once, it doesn’t have to be expensive, what’s expensive is the time you spend thinking about what you want to do but doing very little about it. You can’t get time back.

Growth is scary, but without change there is no growth. Are you here to simply exist or live?

Just do it. Start small. Aim big. You’ll be glad you did.


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  1. spicepinkie says:

    Nice words and thoughts. I have never been scared of greatness. I’m scared now. Life can modify people thoughts and expectations. I was there, I almost reached the goal of a lifetime and then… That ” greatness ” went away when my health decided to fail me and devastated my life.
    So yes, now I’m scared, I’m afraid. Often when great things happen to me…something bad happens that take that away. I fight, I never stop fighting but unfortunately life is unfair and when your health much that you can do. You see other people living trough an hospital window …people reach their goals, moving on…and u are stuck with a surgery after another one hoping that the disease u have won’t progress


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