Dear Brown Girl

20150525_164418My brown skin was brought to my attention when I started school. My whole family (mum’s side) is almost entirely white so I never noticed until then that my mixed race self was different.

My mum always told me I was beautiful but the dolls I played with, the programmes I watched and even the adult women in my life didn’t reflect the same features that I had.

She did her best with the little that she knew, and now I’m a parent myself I keep this in mind as I raise my two girls.

I love myself so my girls know how to love themselves. We talk about our beautiful brown skin, how our hair is all different types of curls and textures and healthy and growing nicely. My girls want long hair like Rapunzel so we talk about how cool it would be to have long brown curly hair and to be a brown Rapunzel.

Embracing our mixed identity, our ethnicity, developing our cultural background (I’m mixed race too and still learning) and our community doesn’t mean we favour one aspect of our heritage over another.

Identity is important and I want my girls to feel like they belong in a way that I didn’t feel until I reached adulthood.

Our individual beauty is our default and we don’t wish or need or desire to compare it against the mainstream ideal or any other, because we are too busy creating value in all that we have already.

dbgAnd yes, we know beauty isn’t skin deep, our beauty shines from within, oozing out through our melanin, our different shades of brown, our gorgeous skin and our curls act as our crowns, and I remind myself that the more I love myself for all of this, the better I teach my Mini Queens to love themselves in every aspect.

If I knew this at their age, gosh. I would have been even more unstoppable.

Dear Brown Girl, keep Queening 😘👑


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