When Truth Talks

selfI believe a great writer isn’t afraid to tell the truth, in whatever form that may be. The truth isn’t easy to write or to read, but it is real and undeniable.

I think it’s easy to write about insignificant and unimportant things, to not really offer an opinion on anything too deep, or to steer clear of anything deemed controversial or riske.

When I write for my blogs, I mostly keep it positive. It’s always the truth but it’s a more pleasant perspective of it and for this reason I’ve kept in my comfort zone. But you and I know there is no growth in the comfort zone and I realise now that I’ve muted some of my experiences, thoughts and feelings when really I have built myself a platform in which to share them.

It’s not necessarily about me sharing negativity but to share the parts of my life experiences that have warranted a lot of mindfulness just to get my head thinking straight. The truth isn’t always pretty and pleasant, and I have a duty to myself to be open with my expression.

I’m an authentic writer but I need to fear less and be fierce with my words, because I tell you now there have been some experiences that have caused me so much anger and disgust. I think it happens to a lot of us but we choose not to talk about it in public because we want to be the bigger person. We want to show respect in the way the other person(s) didn’t, because we consider ourselves better than that. But this has become a code of silence and in participating in this we are causing ourselves more suffering by protecting those who mistreated us.

I am not at suggesting that we list off the names of people who have hurt us throughout our life times, but simply allow and create ourselves the space to talk about the things we really need to get off our chest.

I’m on a journey to greatness and I do not want to fear the truth. I know it in my head but I know typing it up and reading it back on the screen might cause a feeling I’m not ready for. But don’t I deserve an outlet? Isn’t this what my blog is for?

toniIf someone hurt or angered or upset or affected you, if you were impacted by somebody’s behaviour or words, then that is a shared experience. If you were rude to me, why should I sit here and say not a word? Never speak bad of you? Never speak the truth? Isn’t this my truth also? Isn’t my experience valid? Why shouldn’t I speak it? Because let’s face it, my silence protects you but if you behaved better then you’d have nothing to worry about.

It’s so easy to avoid accountability, to not take responsibility for the way our behaviour and our words affect others, but this has to stop here. You are accountable for the way you treat people. Bad behaviour should be called out. Yeah, I won’t write your name but a quick read of what I’ll shared here and that feeling in your stomach should be enough for you to know which bit is about you. Feel that there? Guilt. Shame. Yeah, you feel that? That’s on you. That’s on you and I will continue to talk about it.

I find inspiration in everything and it is people who give me the most writing material, often indirectly. So I pay attention to what you say and what you do. I’m a writer, it’s my job to be observant and I am. And I’ll write about you but it will be my truth. It will be my experience of you. Because it’s a shared experience if I was there, right?


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