Free Your Mind & Domestic Violence: My Role

PLEASE WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW. #DomesticViolenceAwarenessMonth

I have mentioned it before but I will say it again: I’m an Ambassador for a great organisation called Free Your Mind.

Free Your Mind supports and advocates for children and young people who are affected by domestic violence in the home, which often leads to mental health issues.

fym winSo on occasion, you’ll see me post about the work done by FYM because I believe it is important that children and young people have a voice, and that their experiences are validated.

I also speak at FYM events, as part of my Ambassador role but also because I grew up in an abusive home, I can really identify with the subject matter.

I also volunteer with Free Your Mind via their Twitter page, helping to raise awareness of the impacts of childhood domestic violence on mental health, engaging with followers and sharing up to date information about current or upcoming campaigns and events. Plus, the odd quote pic gets posted here too.

I do this with and for the founder Natasha Benjamin, not because she is a good friend of mine, (although she is one of my absolute nearest and dearest) but because I am passionate about the work she is doing. I am passionate about this area. I’ve lived and worked in this area, and I am happy to be able to help contribute what I know into something so important.

fymIt’s never a chore or an obligation, it’s a passion. A calling. One of the reasons I’m here. There’s no way on this planet I endured what I endured to just keep it to myself. I feel so touched that what I do is appreciated and I know it always will be, but the real reward is being able to get involved. Just to be able to make a difference makes me feel good.

This is how I give back. This is where I direct some of my love and attention.

When you were a child and scared and didn’t have anyone to speak to or even trust adults anyway, wouldn’t you want someone there for you? That’s why I’m here. That’s why we’re here.

Follow on everything @freeyourmindcic 🙌🙌🙌

The video below shows highlights from the Hear My Voice event this year.


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