Note to Self: Take A Break

I love being busy. I love having lots to focus on and making exciting plans. Obviously I’m a mum as well so that comes first and everything else comes around that.

I make plans roughly two weeks in advance, especially my child free time. I don’t like to waste time and so I make sure that I make good use of whatever time I get.

Now I’ve started university, that has to take priority too. I love everything else that I do so while I haven’t taken on anything new or too big, I’ve been working on exciting projects ready for the year ahead.

Even if I do go out for leisure, even at a music gig I can still bump into people and have spontaneous mini meetings. When you’re in a creative industry, you’re always ‘at work’. 😂

I do do a lot but that’s how I like it. I am never ever bored. I follow my instincts and pursue my passions and so there is always plenty to do.

Poorly me.
Poorly me.

But I had the flu recently and I wasn’t slowing down, which made it last longer than it needed to. This weekend I just stayed in my house. I needed to. My body needed it. I couldn’t deny it anymore. And while I kept myself busy with housework, I was still able to rest and chill out a little.

And what a difference it made. Feeling so focused today.

So look after yourselves, please. You can’t achieve much when you’re burned out.


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