Team Healthy Food!

I12064267_10153567021527348_236927088_n‘m being open to the possibilities of healthier foods and last week I attended a vegan cake tasting party. I was invited by a friend and as it was cake, I thought I’d go along and try something new.

I’m so glad that I did because the cakes at Cakes & Ish were absolutely gorgeous and looked as good as they tasted. What I’m mainly impressed with is that there was no gluten, egg, sugar or dairy in these cakes, but they still tasted amazing.

Leah, the young woman who started this baking business, spoke of her own relationship with food and how she had lost a lot of weight through making alternative eating choices. She said that she was still able to eat the things she loved, but had found a healthier way to do it.

It’s inspirational, it really is. I’d love to know how to make those cakes. I’d love to go to a shop and pick some up. The chocolate chip cookies were divine and much better than any of the full fat/gluten etc ones you can buy at any shop. During that evening, we filled out questionnaires, giving our feedback on what we thought about each cake. From what Leah said, these lush treats will eventually be stocked in selected shops in Birmingham city centre. This is awesome to know as being a cake lover, I’d travel to buy a week’s supply of goodies.
12030763_10153567110527348_1964482757_nI’m not one for diets or the gym, but I’ve actually been actively working on improving my eating habits in the last few months.

I’m not a massive junk food eater either, but I’ve never really drank enough water, or eaten a decent amount of fresh fruit or vegetables. I love cake and biscuits and things like that, but I can demonstrate some self control over that are, yet still fail to have an apple a day. None of this can be good for my health, right? So I knew I had to make a change but of course it wouldn’t happen overnight.

So, I bought a blender. I started off with smoothies, filling it with fruit, nuts and fruit juice, making gorgeous smoothies for my breakfast or an evening snack. Eventually I started adding things like cucumber, kale and spinach to my smoothies, getting to know and love the new tastes, feeling the goodness around my body.

12042186_10153567110317348_1335518813_n (1)I’ve tasted the magicalness that is Chakra Juice and it was divine. Currently £3 a bottle, there’s fruit and vegetables in there that I’ve never even heard of. My favourite was the green bottle, my daughter liked the red one best, and they lasted less than 12 hours in my house.

More recently, I’ve switched from cow’s milk and now drink soya or almond milk. I’ve stopped drinking so much tea and coffee, and now opt for a nice herbal tea instead.

I’ve completely cut down my intake of pasta and potatoes, instead I’ll add lots of salad vegetables to a meat dish and still feel full up. For breakfast, I’ll mix up fruit and oats with a nice soya yogurt, or perhaps eat peanut butter on seeded wholemeal toast.
I don’t know lots about nutrition but these gentle changes have made a huge difference to how I feel and how I look, I believe. I’ve lost a little bit of weight, which wasn’t my intention but it’s because my diet is much healthier. I’ve noticed that even if I do eat a little pasta, I feel bloated afterwards so clearly I’ve been doing something right by adjusting what I eat.

12029202_10153567097187348_774142671_nI’m not planning on becoming vegetarian at this stage, but I would like to know how to make more tasty and healthy meals, much healthier than what I’ve been cooking all these years. I mean, I can cook from scratch, that’s not a problem, but I want to broaden what I know. I don’t want to necessarily compromise on taste or be hungry afterwards.

So, watch this space.


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